Children's Books

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Read-Along Archive
(I will try to update this archive as quickly as possible after each post, but you may want to check my front page for the most recent books.)

Harold and
The Purple Crayon

{Butcher Paper Wall Mural}

The Giant Hug
{Hug Card and Real-
Sized Self Portrait}

Hop on Pop
{Decorated Bed Sheet}

Green Eggs and Ham
{Many Activities}

Children's Art Books
{Book List}

The Foot Book
{Painted Footprints}

Bartholomew and the

{Oobleck Goo and Drawing}

Sandra Boynton Books


A House for Hermit Crab
{Decorated Crab and other

Hooper Humperdink...?
Not him!

{Multiple Activities}

10 Black Dots

{Number and Button Fun}

Good Luck Bear

{Blessings Shamrock Mantel}

Pajama Time
{Decorated Pajamas}

Actual Size
{Real-Size Child Tracings}

One Lonely Sea Horse
{Carrot Fish}

If You Give a Moose
a Muffin

{Puppet Play and Muffins}

Toy Boat

{Bathtub Boats}

Bark, George

{8 Differnt Dog Activities}

The Robot and the Bluebird
{Pillowcase Coloring and
Felt Robot}

Pie in the Sky

{Muffin Tin Pies}

The Littlest Matryroshka

{Scavenger Hunt}

The Apple Pie Tree


Color Zoo
{Kindergarten Pi-Day

What's For Dinner

{Paper Bag Puppets}

How to Be a Baby--By Me
the Big Sister

{Big Sister Book}

Teddy Bear Counting
{Gummy Bears Math

A Pair of Socks

{Collage Art}

The Gruffalo
{Felt Scene and

Rainbow Fish

{Textured Foil Fish}

Giles Andreae Books

{Pastel Drawings and Poem}

I Love You the Purplest

{Fishing for Numbers}

Soft House

{Blanket Fort}

One Fish, Two Fish,
Red Fish, Blue Fish

{Shaped Crayons}

St. Patrick's Day
in the Morning

{Science Experiment}

Beep, Beep, Vroom,

{Painting with Cars}

Lots of Balloons
{Balloon and Word Strip
Cloudy with a Chance
of Meatballs

{Giant Sized Food}

The Blue Goose
{String Symmetry Painting}

Bluebird's Nest
{Spring Stamp Painting}

Bright Yellow Flower
{Tissue Paper Daffodils}

A Birthday for Frances
{Faux Embroidery}

This Old Man
{Math - Cheerios on
Printable Flashcards}

The Very Hungry

{Stamped "C" Caterpillar}

Grandfather Twilight

{Grandparent Books}

Grandfather Twilight

{Butcher Paper Forest Mural}

Katie the Kitten

{Sock Kitty}

Freight Train

{Paper Train}

Chicka Chicka,
Boom Boom

{Coconut Tree}

The Doorbell Rang

{Dividing Cookies Activity}

Surprise Soup

{Veggie Stamp Paintings}


{Scripture Pictures at Lunch}

The Big Green Pocketbook

{Paper Pocketbook}

Tacky the Penguin

{Finger Puppet Penguins}

The Tiny Tadpole

{Stick Puppets}

Where's the Cat?

{Disappearing Cat Cake}

Little Cloud

{Cloud Pictures}

The Rainy Day

{Painted Rain Boots}

Previous Children's Books on Helping Little Hands
There are a lot more children's books and activities we've done, but these are the ones I've managed to get archived so far.

Block City

{Building with Blocks}
A Handful of Honey
{Lemon-Honey Herbal Tea
for Sniffles}

Monster Mess

{Monster Cupcakes}


{Cupcake Party}

Where's the Cat
Seek and Find Books

{Hide and Seek Cat Cutouts}

Monster Mess
{Monster Eyes Make
Cleaning Up Fun}

I am Snow
{Best Ever Snowflakes}

The Snowy Day
{Build a Pretend Snowman}

Leaf Man
{Leaf Applique Shirts}

A Color of His Own
{Wax Paper Cameleons}

One by Kathryn Otoshi
{Active Math Games}

Apple Fractions
{Apple Slicing Activity}

Five Little Pumpkins
{Tissue Paper
Jack-o-Lantern Jars}

Pumpkin Heads
{Felt Shape Pumpkins}

Pumpkin Pumpkin
{Printable Pumpkin
Seed Packet}

Pumpkin Soup
{Easy Pumpkin Soup Recipe}

Mouse Paint
{Paint Project}

The Black Book of Colors
{Blind-fold Taste
and Smell Tests}

The Apple Pie Tree
{Easy Pie Toppers}

Counting Cockatoos
{Cockatoo Craft}

Hero Cat
{Window Cats}

The Blue Goose
{Fall Tree Painting}

The Red Lemon
{Red Walk}

Have You Seen Trees
{Wax Paper Leaves}

Salad People
{Focaccia Bread and
Rainbow Coleslaw}

{Alphabet and Number
 Matching Cupcakes}

The Ugly Pumpkin
{Felt Pumpkins}

Red Eyes or Blue Feathers
{Tree Frog Art}

Favorite Read-Aloud Chapter Books
Ramona Books

Encouraging Reading and Other Tips
Reading Chart and
Prize Box

Bob Books for
Beginning Readers

Longer Lasting Books

Felt Book Christmas