Thursday, February 4, 2016

Geeky Valentine's Art - Chemistry STEM Canvases with Metallic OlyFun

Share your love of chemistry and STEM this Valentine's Day with these Easy Geeky Valentine's Art Canvases.

If you think geek as much as I do, you're going to love these are a must make.  My husband and I both majored in chemistry in collage and became chemistry teachers, so chemistry references are right up our alley, so I was really excited when Riley Blake sent me some of this fun chemistry fabric a few months ago.  (It's called Novelty by Becky Marie Designs for Riley Blake).  Fairfield World provided me with the  Oly-Fun™ and Poly-Fil®  and compensated me for this post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.  This post also contains affiliate links for your convenience in locating supplies.

I also got a new Silhouette Cameo for Christmas (thanks in-laws!) and I finally got brave enough to try it out.  Even if you don't have a Silhouette, you can still make this super easy I {Heart} U Canvas without a cutter.

And an extra bonus of this project was I got to go into my husband's classroom and play with all the fun chemistry glassware.

As chemistry teachers we tend to like poking fun at "chemistry" pictures in pop-culture that most of the time they just put colored water into glassware for effect rather than showing "real" chemical in use for an actual experiment...but I might have been guilty myself of just adding red food coloring to water.  Oops!

Quite possibly the only thing  more fun than playing with oversided Erylenmeyer flasks is playing with the teeny tiny glassware.  I do sometimes miss the lab...but maybe not quite enough to return to teaching.

Anyway, you can share your own love of Chemistry this Valentine's Day with this ea

Digital Design Files available here:

Or if you prefer to have the images themselves and cut them out yourself:


Start by cutting a square of fabric about 2 inches bigger on each side than your canvas.

Use a glue gun to glue on fabric.  Trim any excess.

To make the I {Heart} U Canvas, you'll of course need to use one of the Periodic Table fabric prints available in white, grey, or black.  I didn't have the I (Iodine) or U (Uranium) squares placed well on my canvas, so I cut I and U squares out of some of my extra.  (I's a bit painful to have to cut them out if they're not on the edge, but it's so worth it.

Cut out squares of Gold Olyfun big enough to have your squares pop out.  Glue on with your Fusion Adhesive.

Glue your I and U squares on top of the gold.

Trace a heart your fabric scraps.  Rather than cutting the heart our first, sew along your trace lines, all the way around.  Don't leave an opening.  Then trim close to your stitching.  Snip a hole in the back of your heart just big enough to turn right side out and stuff with a bit of Poly-Fil.  Use hot glue to attach to your canvas.  No need to close up that hole because it will be against your canvas.  You could simplify this project by using a flat heart, but we love the pop and dimension that the stuffed heart brings.

For the other canvases, you'll need to use your Silhouette and provided cutting files to cut out your desired designs in Gold Oly-Fun™.  I used the blade at a 7 and the cut was nearly perfect on all the larger designs.  It had a bit of trouble with the smaller version of the "We Have Great Chemsitry" because the letters were so intricate.

If you don't have a silhouette and can't find a friend with one, you could trace and cut it out by hand, but it would be pretty tedious.

Glue on your Gold Oly-Fun™ lettering.  The lettering is fine enough that I found it worked best lay the lettering out where I wanted it.  Then peel back a few letters, glue them and place them back down.  Then repeat with another section.  The letters are designed so that they're all attached in one way or another, so you don't need to worry about placement so much as just keeping the placement that's already there.

Feel free to add heart embellishments.  We love the red pops of color on the black backgrounds.  This would be another fun canvas to add a stuffed heart to instead of the flat.

For the Beaker Love Canvas, use the discarded heart from the middle of the tube heart as a pattern for cutting a red fabric heart.  Cut the fabric heart just slightly bigger.  do the same thing to cut red fabric scraps for the "liquid" inside the beaker and flask.

I glued all the gold oly*fun down first and then went back and peeled up the sections that needed red, slipped it under and re-glued.

Ditto for the Lightbulb Love Canvas.  Use the discarded heart as your template for cutting out your red scrap.  We used a 5 x 7 canvas for this one, but the lightbulb would look great off center in a 12 x 12 canvas too!

These pieces are not happily decorating the bookshelves in my husband's classroom.

Who do you know who needs some geeky love this year?

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

15 Delicious Chocolate Recipes and the Weekly Block Party Link-Up

Whether it's a bad day pick me up or a way of celebrating a victory there is something comforting about a good Chocolate treat.
Lots of great chocolate recipes for any mood, flavor or diet
Easiest Chocolate Covered Strawberries | Peppermint Chocolate Cookies | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake | Firecracker Trifle | Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake | Brownie Sandwich Cookies | Hot Cocoa Sticks | Almond Joy Hot Chocolate | Chocolate Chip Banana Bread | Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies | Chocolate Pomegranate Parfait | Chocolate Peanut Butter Roll | Caramel Chocolate Popcorn | Brownie Cookies | Chocolate Waffles

This week I rounded up a bunch of awesome looking Chocolate treat recipes. The variety is great. You have figure friendly, vegan, decadent, calorie splurging, and even fruity chocolate recipes. Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings as today’s hosts. And can you tell I've been craving chocolate?
Rae Gun guest posting picture

 Here are a few of my favorite posts I've shared in the last month.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Scrappy Heart Pillows - Quilted Pillow with Cuddle Backing

My kids have gotten rather addicted to cuddle fabrics on our throw pillows, so I knew when I sewed these quilted I-Spy Hearts, I wanted to put Cuddle on the back of them, so one side would be super soft.  (Thanks to Fairfield World for providing me with the pillow inserts and compensating me for writing this post and to Shannon Fabrics for providing me with the cuddle fabric.  All opinions are 100% my own.

This tutorial will work to turn any quilted pillow front into a pillow with cuddle backing.

For instructions for sewing the Scrappy Heart Block together, you can see my tutorial here.

Time: 30 minutes to 1 Hour

Level: Beginner

  • Quilted Pillow Front
  • 2/3 Yard of Cuddle 3 or Soft Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics in your chosen color.  (I used Soft Cuddle in Scarlet.)  This is enough for 2-3 pillows because it comes 60" wide.
  • 1 - Home Elegance® Pillow (I used a 20" Home Elegance® Pillow with a pillow cover that was 19" finished because I like my pillows extra full.)
  • Zipper 4-5" shorter than the width of your quilt block.  For mine, that was a 16" zipper.
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat or scissors
  • Quilting Ruler or Tape Measure
  • Lots of Pins
  • Coordinating Thread

Scrappy Heart Block Tutorial - I-Spy Heart Block

I made a couple of I-Spy quilts featuring hearts a couple years ago. I promised a tutorial, and it kept getting put off.  I figured making some Valentine's pillows would be the perfect opportunity to take pictures for a step-by-step tutorial.  And a big thank you to Fairfield World for providing me with the motivation and compensation for writing this post and providing me with free batting and fusible fleece on an ongoing basis to fuel my creativity and share projects like this with you.  All ideas and opinions are 100% my own.

These blocks are great for making throw pillow, mini quilts, or incorporating into a larger scrappy quilt.

I'm rather addicted to I-Spy squares, but you could use any scrappy squares.  Many quilt shop offer "charm packs" pre-cuts and those would work great too.

This tutorial will teach you how to make the quilt block.  You can go to this post to learn to finish this pillow with cuddle backing and a zipper.

Finished Block Size: Using 4" Charm Squares = 21.5 inches (or 27.5 inches if you use 5" charm squares)

Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours

  • 30 - 4" background charm squares.  
  • 16 - 4" charm squares for heart
  • 2/3 yard of Smooth Fusible Fleece or your other favorite Fairfield batting if you plan to make a quilted pillow or mini-quilt.  Fusible fleece is my favorite for quilted pillows.  

Easy Cuddle Strips Valentine Quilt

When I was making the Cuddle Heart Pillows, I couldn't stop at just pillows, so I made a super simple coordinating Cuddle Strip Quilt.

Cuddle fabric is the perfect fabric for making a large adult-sized throw since it comes 60" wide, and a layer of American Spirit™ Luxury Blend Batting from Fairfield sandwiched inside makes it extra thick and luxurious.  Disclaimer:  Fairfield provided me with the batting and compensated me for writing this post.  Shannon Fabrics provided the cuddle fabrics.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.  I love working for both companies because they offer high quality products that bring out the best in my work.

The front of the quilt uses Rose Cuddle® RedZiggy Soft Cuddle™ BlackMarble Rose Cuddle® in Black/Silver, Lattice Soft Cuddle™ in Snow, and Fancy Puma Soft Cuddle™ Silver/Black with Black Cuddle 3 binding.  For backing we used Soft Cuddle™ in Scarlet, all from Shannon Fabrics.

You can find the full tutorial for this Easy Cuddle Strips Valentine Quilt on the Fairfield site here.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cuddle Heart Pillows

These simple Cuddle Heart Pillows are so easy to make, you'll love them as much as we do.  I love the lush softness of the Cuddle Luxe fabrics Shannon Fabrics sent me for this project.  (Disclaimer, Shannon Fabrics provided me with the fabric and Fairfield provided me with the Poly-Fil and compensated me for designing this project.  All opinions are 100% my own.)   The rich textures give a boost to your home decor.  We chose to make ours in Rose Cuddle® in Red and Fancy Puma Soft Cuddle™ in Silver/Black for Valentine’s Day, but they’re so delightful, you'll want to use them year round.

Here's what you'll need to make your own:

For the full set of instructions, you can see my Cuddle Heart Pillow Tutorial on the Fairfield site.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

20+ Tips for a More Organized Life and the Weekly Block Party Link-Up

There is something about the New Year and the craziness of the holidays that make me want to get rid of 1/2 of my stuff and organize the other 1/2!  I have been decluttering and organizing like crazy this month and I'm sure that I can't be the only one.  If you have organization on the brain, then check out these 20+ that will make your life more organized! 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Printables to Start Your New Year Right and the Weekly Block Party Link-Up

Fitness Calendar Printable | 52 Week Money Saving Challenge | 2016 Monthly Calendars Printable | Simple Family Home Evening Planner | Lunch Jokes Printables | Find Joy in your Journey Printable | Word of the Year Printable | 2016 Planner Printables | New Year Kid Interview Printable | New Years Goals and a Look Back | Daily Printable Planner for Moms | Super Hero Snack and Printable

It's time for another Block Party hosted by Making the World Cuter | Rae Gun Ramblings Keeping It Simple Crafts | Pieces By Polly!  Sorry to be a little late getting this weeks party posted folks!
Polly, here from Pieces by Polly as your host for this week.

Now let's see what you've been up to! Be sure to read over the guidelines…
  • We’d love it if you pinned the Printables picture above! :)
  • Link to a specific post, not your home page.
  • Don’t add links to promote giveaways, other link parties or your shops.
  • Visit and comment on at least 2 other links in the party.
  • Don’t link posts you’ve linked before.
  • This party starts Sunday @ 9pm EST and ends Friday @ midnight.
  • By entering a link, you give us permission to feature an image on our blogs. Proper credit and links will always be given.
  • Please link back to whatever blog you are linking from and let your readers know you joined the block party and invite them to do the same!

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