Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Asymmetrical Body Pillow with Cuddle® Fabric - Free Pattern

This asymmetrical body pillow is hip and classic all at once.  You can make your own in under an hour.  Many thanks to Shannon Fabrics for providing me with fabric and to Fairfield World for providing me with product and compensating me for this post.  All ideas, opinions, and enthusiasm are 100% my own.  This post contains affiliate links.

Besides offering support while you sleep, body pillows make great floor pillows, sofa accents, and can work almost like a headboard for beds.  Add some Cuddle® fabric from Shannon Fabrics and you've got your family's new favorite pillow.

The only way to up the awesomeness from there is to add a coordinating Cuddle Quilt.  You can find the free pattern for this Disappearing Nine-Patch Cuddle Quilt on the Shannon Fabrics site here.


**Note: Cuddle® fabric comes 60" wide so you will need to adjust fabric amounts if you're using 45" wide fabric.
The key to a plump looking pillow is to make your cover just a little smaller than the stated pillow size.  Since the pillow is 16" x 38", we'll make our cover 16" x 38" BEFORE we sew the edges, so it will be jut a tad smaller than our pillow once the seam allowances have been taken into account.

With your fabric folded in half down the center seam, trim your main pillow fabric to a 16" strip.  Cut vertically 20" in from center fold.  This will give you three pieces.  One that is approx 40" wide, and two 10" wide and all 16" tall.

Arrange your strips in the order you want them on your pillow.  Each strip pictured is double as a second underneath.  All strips are 16" tall.  My order was:

  • 10" purple strip
  • 3" Marble Cuddle® Strip
  • 7" Luxe Cuddle® Weave Strip
  • 3" Star Cuddle® Strip
  • 40" purple strip (folded so that it appears 20")

Sew into one long strip using 1/2 inch seam allowance, so that you have one long strip.  At this point, it will be slightly longer than the 76" total inches that we need.  Trim excess, so that you have a total piece that is 16" x 76".  To do this, I folded the whole strip in half and trimmed an equal amount of both ends, so that the striped bands will continue to match up.

Starting 1/2" in from the edge, baste stitch with a long stitch length, the two ends together.  Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Back stitch about 1/2 on each end of your stitching with a regular stitch length.  This will basically give you one large ring of fabric.

Open up your seam allowance and sew your zipper to the back of your seam.  I used white thread for illustration purposes.  You may want to use matching thread.  However, the fabric is so plush on the outside that you can barely see the thread as is.
Use a seam ripper to open up your basting stitching BUT NOT your back stitching.

Leave your zipper open at least half way for turning your pillow.  With RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER, stitch the top and bottom of your pillow together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.

Turn right side out and add your pillow.

Zip it closed and enjoy!

You can find the coordinating free Disappearing Nine-Patch Cuddle Quilt Pattern here on the Shannon Fabrics blog.

And add some Orange and Green Disappearing Nine-Patch Throw Pillows for a fun Halloween vibe.

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