Saturday, October 31, 2009

Carving Pumpkin Hats!!

This year's pumpkin hats are done....and just in the nick of time too! As far as I know we are the only family on the planet that carves pumpkin hats instead of Jack-o-Lanterns. (Sorry for the blurred/cropped faces. I'm just paranoid like that. Feel free to email me if you want to see real pics...Sweet Pea especially was so adorable...I was SO tempted to put the real thing up.)This tradition was born when during Firecracker's second Halloween, she tried to put the pumpkin on her head. (This incidentally is why every kid needs a dad...they think up and allow traditions like this to get started...Mom would have just said no from the beginning.) There's no tutorial for this one. You basically cut the top hole the size to fit on your head and then carve it with whatever design you want. It also works best if you either use small pumpkins or make a crown type of thing where most of the pumpkin is cut off. Otherwise the hat can be too heavy for little heads. Firecracker wanted a pumpkin mask. Boy got an S crown because S is one of his favorite letters. (We thought about carving a 7 because that's his favorite number.) Sweet Pea got a R because Sweet Pea starts with an R of course. ;) Daddy set out to make some sort of halo...not sure how he planned on getting it to wasn't going to happen, so he ended up with something a little bit wild. I stuck with my tried and true Pumpkin Pi...and added foil to the inside this time because I don't enjoy goopy hair as much as the others. After taking pictures with the pumpkin hats, we put the kids right into the traditional Post-Pumpkin-Hat-Bath.

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  1. So cute! i feel bad about posting certain photos. You should tell me not to!!!! You could make your blog private...where only the people you put on your list can see it if your worried about that kind of stuff.
    I love the hats! such a great and creative idea!

  2. So fun! Now that's what memories are made of. Kinda reminds me of the episode of Friends where Monica puts the turkey on her head to make Chandler like Thanksgiving.


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