Friday, November 13, 2009

The Ugly Pumpkin

I've linked before to Little Page Turners because she has so many great ideas of activities to go with really awesome children's books. (She put up some great Turkey activities this week...maybe if I check the books out now, we'll do them by Christmas. :) I've put a bunch on hold and we're working our way through them...not as quickly as I would like. One of Christianne's idea we did this week was "The Ugly Pumpkin" by Dave Horowitz.

It's about pumpkins and starts around Halloween, but ends up at Thanksgiving, so this is still a great book to pull out for your kids. I'd planned to do the same activity that Christianne did...but I was in a rush to pull together a lesson for Firecracker and Boy's preschool swap, so we did the quick and dirty felt version instead. If you've got felt on hand already, this project takes about 5 minutes to put together. We read the story and then I gave the pieces to the kids, had them lay them out how they wanted, and then I used a glue gun to secure the pieces in place. You could also give them regular glue and let them do it themselves if your kids are old enough to handle it.
Can you guess which one is Firecracker's and which one is Boy's? I didn't even bother with a pattern for these...just picked up the scissors and cut.
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  1. Those are great! Full of personality. :) Thanks for the shout-out!



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