Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, Felt Style- Felt Food Cook-Along Day 24

This is the last of the tutorials for the felt food that I have made so far.  I still want to make some frosting for the mini-cupcakes, little tarts, a pie, cake, and some other things...but since I've got a few other projects I'm working on, I make no promises about when they will get made.  When I do get around to them, though, I promise to share the tutorials and patterns!

Anyone care for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  You can see how I made the bread here and download the printable pattern.

I made the peanut butter and jelly pretty much the same way I made the was the pizza sauce, but with purple for grape jelly and light brown for the peanut butter.  I'll send you to the pizza sauce post for the directions, rather than repeating them.  I just made sure the blobs were about the size of the piece of bread when they were sewn together.

To go with them, you can also make a peanut butter container.  I have a before picture of this one...but alas, Boy used it to play with toilet water before I got the after picture...and since they're so easy and pretty much free to make I opted to throw it away, so I'll take an after picture as soon as I made a new one.  Here's what I did though.

Start out with a 16 oz peanut butter container.  Eat all the peanut butter inside.  Clean any sticky fingerprints off the outside with a damp cloth, so that you have something like this.  Then before I washed the inside, I painted the label liberally with Mod Podge.  Let it dry completely.  Then, wash your container in warm soapy water to get the peanut butter out.  Your label should be nicely sealed away by the Mod Podge and stay nice during the washing.  Works like a charm!  Enjoy your PB&J.
And as long as you have your Mod Podge out, you may as well whip up some of these baby cans.


  1. It's been a good cook-along! Your kids' kitchen is certainly well stocked. Thanks for all the great tutorials.

  2. Aww, I love it! I'll be putting up a felt food roundup on Monday. I can't wait!

  3. Polly,

    You are AMAZING! That looks like a real sandwich!

    Thanks for linking up today.


  4. This is so cute. PBJ is my sons favorite. I really should whip one of these up! I I’m starting a new MckLinky party called TOT TUESDAYS next week. I’d love it if you’d stop by & share your ideas. Here’s the information & my new buttons: Cheers, Jenn

  5. I'm so excited to start making felt food for my daughter, and your website seems to be the pot of gold collection for felt foods. Do you just use regular craft felt sheets from stores like JoAnn Fabric or do you find it somewhere else?

    1. Sometimes I used the sheet and sometimes I bought it off the bolt. It's the same stuff, but buying it on the bolt is a little cheaper if you're going to make a lot of it. It's all the same stuff though. Some people prefer real wool felt, but mine is all made from the cheap stuff.


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