Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hubby and I got our scores back from our teaching tests earlier this week.  We had been totally sure he'd passed the chemistry and were optimistic that he'd passed physics and I'd passed my math test.  I was a bit shocked to see my actual score...out of a total 300.
Not bad for barely studying and not doing calculus in 12 years.  (To my credit, though, I have taught everything up through pre-calculus.)

I've had dreams occassionally for a long time about being enrolled in a calculus class as a review...either in a high school or college and then forgetting to go to it.  Maybe now that I've passed this test I'll stop having the dream.  We'll see.

...And we're still waiting to hear back about Hubby's job...

Hopefully I'll have something crafty up soon.


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