Friday, December 17, 2010

And the stockings were hung...

...or one of the stockings is anyway. 

I've been debating about how to hang our stockings this year.  This is the first time we've ever had a mantle to hang them on.  I've been reluctant to put hooks in that will leave holes, especially since we're renting.  I've also been reluctant to buy decorative stocking hangers that sit on the edge, because I'm sure the kids (Sweet Pea particularly) would still manage to pull them down and then they'd get clonked on the head with something heavy.

Then I had at bit of inspiration.  I bought these a while back, and there were several white hooks just like these left on some of the doors when we moved in. 

I took down some of those white hooks and used the adhesive from my blue ones to try them out on the mantle.  This is idea definitely a keeper.  After putting a few of the hooks up, I decided I like the smaller size...only problem is that only one of the smaller size was left to us by the previous tenants.  (I think I may leave these up all year to hang different things on, or if I decide not to use them, I can take the hooks off and leave the base to reuse next year.)  Hubby is going to town Saturday for his (LAST!!!  YEAH!!!) teacher ed class, and will pick up more hooks then.

So for now Baby Jesus's stocking has a place to hang and the other stockings will join His this weekend.

I'll share all of our Nativity Stockings and hopefully the applique patterns when we've got them all hung.  The idea behind the Baby Jesus stocking is that as we do acts of service for others, we can write them down and put them in Baby Jesus's stocking as our gifts to Him. 

I just thought I'd go ahead and post this in case any of you out there are trying to figure out how to hang your stockings.  These hooks have worked great for us, so you could even use them to hang your stockings on the wall or just about anywhere else you'd want to.

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  1. I love the idea of Jesus' stocking! I'm bookmarking this, it'll be perfect to add more "Christmas" to Christmas. Thanks!

  2. I really like the idea too...I will have to do that! Thanks for the idea!


  3. I love the idea of a Jesus stocking. I will need to remember that for next year.


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