Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Christmas Projects

In case you're looking for some fun things to do with or for your kids, here are a few projects I've done in the past that I love.  (My apologies that most of these were photographed with our old camera and are not photographed as well as they could be.  Maybe I'll get around to taking new pictures of them this year...but probably not.)

Symbols of Christmas Tin - We used this for Family Home Evening again a week ago and the kids LOVED it all over again.  We gave quite a few away for gifts a couple years ago, and they were well received.  My sister-in-law just called me to find out more details about how we'd put it together because she wanted to make some as gifts.

Nativity Stockings - We're always looking for ways to help our Christmas celebrations be more centered on celebrating Christ (rather than Santa, etc), so I made Nativity Stockings.  I'm hoping to have an updated post soon showing the stockings I made for Little Brother and Sweet Pea, but here's the older link.

Christmas Ornament Ideas -  If you're like us, we try to give each child a Christmas ornament that symbolizes something about them for the past year. 

Last year I made a book ornament for Firecracker because she'd just begun reading.

Little Brother got a matchbox car ornament because he was (and still is) so in love with cars. 

Hubby got a graduation ornament made by adding a graduation cap to his old student ID card because he'd just finished his PhD. 

Sweet Pea got a Baby's First Christmas ornament made from an special baby bootie we'd been given that she could no longer wear.

I also did a repurposing project where I made a hat and scarf out of an old sweater and some fleece scraps.

And if you're looking for more great idea, my friend Maria is hosting a Christmas Linky at Busy as a Bee in Paris with ideas and traditions for making your Christmas more meaningful.  You can go and check out her ideas too as well as the ideas that people have linked up.
And I should have a few new ideas up for you soon!

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