Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boy Shirts by YOU!

Remember the Car Valentine Shirt I made for Little Brother?  i've had several people email me or post pictures of your little guys in shirts inspired by Little Brother.   (I always LOVE to see projects inspired by things I've keep those emails coming!)

I love this version from Eva at Couturier Mommy.  She's included her template for making the firetruck version on her blog if your little boy would love one of these.

Then I was excited when I got the email with this link to Crafty Ave.  Her son is more into transportation of the train variety, so here's what she came up with.

And then I love this version from Beth at From the Hive.  I love how she changed the semi-truck just a bit to make it more connected.  I wish I'd thought of that!  And you've really got to go over and see all the expressions her son makes in the pics she posted.  It reminds me SO much of taking pics of my own kids.

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