Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look How Awesome YOU all are...

Can I just tell you that it makes my day to find out that someone was actually inspired by something they saw here and used one of my tutorials.  I love getting an email or comment with a link or pictures showing me what you made.  Or sometimes I have to be sneaky and I find out about your project because I noticed someone clicking over from your blog and then I'm blown away by what I see.  It's especially inspiring when one of you takes my ideas and makes them even better, so that I want to copy you

Here are a couple of examples...

Liz on Married with UFO's has been cooking up some awesome felt food.  She's made a bunch of things that I never cookies. 

(Can you believe I made all that felt food and never made cookies?!?)  That's gotta change because I love what Liz did with her chocolate cookies.
She used my technique for adding blueberries to blueberry muffins and did that with to make the chocolate chips look more real.  Awesome!!

Liz also has a post with the cutest snowmen cupcakes I've ever seen.  You should go take a look at them.

Then I got an email from another AWESOME READER who would prefer to be anonymous showing me some pictures of her own felt food. 
She said it was okay for me to show off her project though. 
Not only did she make her daughter felt food for Christmas, but she also made some cute kitchen accessories...
...and here's the best part...she made her daughter a real cookbook with some of their favorite foods illustrated with pictures of her felt food and a few borrowed pictures of mine (it makes me feel so famous!)

Ruth at Hammer & Thread made her own set of fabric roads and color parking lot.  I LOVE her addition of a traffic circle. 

Next time my road fabric surfaces in my stash, I've got to make one of those for Little Brother. 
I also like those stop lines she added.

And if your kid is a car lover like Little Brother, you've GOT to to check out the tutorial she has up for the world's best race car cake.  They're also pretty much my hero because they're building a play kitchen from scratch...I'm hoping to get to Sweet Pea's repurposed one SOON because her birthday is in less than 2 months.

If anyone else has been inspired by one of my projects, I'd love to hear from you and show off your stuff too.


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