Saturday, April 16, 2011


I thought I'd share some fun spring photos...

We didn't know what the bulbed flowers were that were popping up, but they turned out to be these beautiful tulips.

Firecracker's favorite is the orange.  I'm not sure if that's because we only have a couple orange or not.
And our little bunch of grape iris hyacinth (thanks Bree!) reminds me of the ones growing in our yard as a kid.

And these pretty purple wildflowers are growing all over.  I need to ask someone what they are.
Firecracker says someone told her they were mallow...but they don't look like the pictures that came up when I googled mallow.  Anyone know?

Even the weeds are pretty...especially with a busy bee.

Yes, if the insects are back, it must be spring.

And Firecracker is blooming's been so fun to watch her grow this year in kindergarten.  She's been thriving with a wonderful teacher and great friends.  She may not be quite as good at soccer as she is at reading...but she's having fun.


  1. Beautiful! We love our tulips, too! Just wished they lasted longer! My son, also in kindergarten, will start soccer for the first time this fall!

  2. Happy spring! You have lots more sunshine than we do. I hope we'll have some sunny spring days soon. We're still in "April showers..." mode.

  3. I'm jealous. Every flower around here is drooping in the rain. Beautiful pictures, Polly! Wish I could tell you what the little purple one is, but I don't recognize it.

  4. Great pictures! We've been having fun seeing what bulbs are blooming at our new house. :)

  5. So far, other than the daffodils that are already gone, all I've got is greenery. I'm jealous!

    Those first purple flowers, the ones you called grape iris, is there another name for them? There are some in a yard along our usual walking route & I've always wondered what they are. They're so tiny & cute, I want some of my own!


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