Monday, September 5, 2011

Busy Summer & Getting Back to the Routine

Yes, we're still alive and well.  I knew I wouldn't be blogging as much over the summer...but I didn't know I'd barely be blogging at all.  We've been having fun though.

Playing with bugs...

A few family outings... (This one was to the Grand Coulee Dam.)
Riding dinosaurs...

And some camping with Grandparents... (If you want to see more camping pics, my mom has been a much more dedicated blogger than me this summer and you can see her post here.)

Along with plenty of other fun things...

I worked for 6 weeks teaching math classes for a summer school program.  It was a fun chance to get back into teaching a little.  It was a program for highly motivated high school students at our local community college.  (We live in a rural area, so local means a 1 hr drive each way...M-F)  Throw lesson planning and spending time with the family in there and there wasn't much time left over for crafting, must less blogging about crafts.  Oh yeah...and we're also looking through house plans and getting ready to build a house...or rather have someone else build one for us.  (I think we've finally chosen the floorplan, so now we just have to figure out how we want it personalized...I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this as the weeks go buy.)

I didn't even get on the computer to keep up on my favorite craft blogs.  That's right...a whole summer of craft blogs went by and I have no clue what was going on...and my life was still full.

A week or two, I started browsing through projects again, and adding a few projects here and there to my boards on Pinterest.  The creative juices are going again...and Firecracker is back in school and Hubby is back to work I'm going to start updating things again.  Probably not daily posts, but hopefully at least a couple times a week.

So stay tuned...


  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a fantastic summer. Isn't it strange to realize that something that feels like such a big part of your life can just disappear for awhile... and life can still be fine, and even great...? I always like realizing that some things are optional and some are just NOT. :)

  2. I love reading your blog - I'm looking forward to your posts again after your fun and busy summer.

  3. Polly, glad to see you're back! And especially to know that you had such a fantastic summer!!! And that you're happy! Looking forward to reading your blog again! Bisous xoxo


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