Friday, September 16, 2011

Custom Sketches of your Cutie...

There's nothing better than having family members with talents...especially talents that I don't my brother-in-law and his drawing. 

Anybody notice this Little Guy peeking out during my last post?

I got a phone call a while ago from my sister, Katie.  It went something like this.  
  • Katie - "Bryan starting an Etsy shop to sell custom sketches."  
  • Me - "Ohhhh...perfect.  He's awesome at drawing."  
  • Katie - "Well, he drew Olivia, but he wants an example of a little boy.  Would you mind if he drew one of Seth, and we gave it to you?"  
  • Me - "Uh...are you kidding?  I'd LOVE one!!!"  
Seriously...Who says "No" to free awesomeness like this.

So I sent Bryan this picture of Little Brother hanging with Henry Huggins...and this is what I got in the mail about a week later.

I love how this sketch captures the perfect combination of sweetness and mischief that is so characteristic of Little Brother. 

You can see other examples of Bryan's work in his shop, but here are some of my favorites.  My super adorable niece Olivia...

 ...and I just love this sketch of this little red head.

Bryan's sketches are done in pencil and ink.  Then the background is painted your choice of colors and a fixative is applied to prevent smearing.  Bryan can work with any clear picture of the face, even if the background is cluttered like the one we chose.

Wouldn't this make an AWESOME Christmas gift, addition to your home decor or your child's room?!?  Bryan's starting optometry school in a few weeks, so now is definitely the time to order before he gets busier (cause I have a feeling he'll raise the price.)  Right now he's offering them for the insanely low price of $30.

How it works:

  • Place your order
  • Receive a confirmation e-mail
  • Reply with the photo that you'd like to be used for the custom portrait
  • Receive a custom portrait of your child!

Of course now that I have this one, I think we're going to have to get sketches of Firecracker and Sweet Pea too.  I think it would make a really cute display to have one of each...but that whole thing will wait until we're in our new house in 6 months or so (more on that in several upcoming posts)...sigh.

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