Friday, December 30, 2011

My Craft Corner in Progress

As I was working on Christmas gifts this year, I kept thinking how nice it will be to have a craft space to work...somewhere other than the kitchen table.

Well...this is it...a corner of our bedroom with two windows and some extra lighting above (well it won't have open sky lighting like it does now...but some extra can lights).  The windows look out on the backyard, so I can watch kiddos walk home from school or play in the yard (when we have something in the yard other than dirt.)  There's a garage sale table living in my in-laws barn which should fit and be just big enough to fit my sewing machine and cutting mat.
Hubby wanted to take those stray boards and push them over under the windows, so he could joke that my craft corner is already a mess. ;)

Of course with a new baby, I probably won't get nearly as much crafting done next year as I did this Christmas...but I won't have to clear it off every time we need to eat a meal either. 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Woo hoo! I'm planning a new craft corner for myself, too, once we get our house back to ourselves. I had planned to put it in a spot with no windows, but your good ideas are making me rethink this a little...

  2. So exciting! A new baby and craft room next year. Looks great! Happy New Year!


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