Thursday, January 26, 2012

Favorite Valentine's Tutorials

***Updated Feb. 2014 with additional Valentine's Tutorials***

One of the nice things about having been blogging for a couple years is that now I can look back at the things we did a year or two ago (or now three or four).  We've done some really fun projects that you might have missed if you're a new reader, so I thought I 'd highlight some great Valentine's Day projects and activities again.  Some of these are traditional red and pink...but most are a little different from many that you'll see making the rounds...

My very favorite Valentine's Day projects are ones that are a little off-beat and work for Valentine's day...and then can keep being enjoyed the rest of the year too.

My kids still LOVE the Valentine shirts I made them last year.  They wear them all the time.

For boys there's the Car Love Shirt...

And for girls...the I {Heart} Books Shirt...Check out the post for the free freezer paper stencil...and there is a short haired and longer haired version.

Some favorites from this year, include our little Valentine's Day Twig Tree...

We love Harry Potter at our house, so in 2013 I whipped up these Harry Potter themed Wingardium LOVEiosa Valentine's.  You can get the free printable for them here.

Then the next year in 2014, we made these Dementor themed (or rather Anti-Dementor themed) printables to make chocolate bar wrappers.  They're easy and quick to wrap up for your favorite Harry Potter fan (or yourself) to have on hand in case of Dementor Attacks.

We've also made these fun Owl Post Necklaces.  They're not strictly for Valentine's Day, but they make a great Valentine gift for any Harry Potter fan or Owl enthusiast in your life.  They're available in my Etsy Shop here.

Or these Snape ALWAYS necklaces inspired by the Harry Potter series also make a great gift.  They're available in my shop here.

These Melted Crayon Art LOVE tiles will be going in our playroom when Valentine's Day is over (and when they're finished building our house.)

Or you might want to make an I Love You to the Moon and Back Print for one of those hard-to-craft-for boys (or girls) you love.

I hadn't thought of these pajamas as being for Valentine's Day since I made them for my girls for Christmas...but they showed up on this Valentine's Round-Up on Babble...and they're right.  These would be perfect for a Valentine's Day suprise.

If you're looking for something yummy and fun to serve up for dinner on Valentine's Day, you might try this Valentine's Pie...
...served up with cucumber salad and heart carrots.

And even though I really don't care to each those chalky conversation's time to stock up because my kids asked to do these Conversation Heart Activities again when they saw the hearts in the store.

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Or if you're looking for something for an adult in your life, you might want to whip up some of these Sewn Note Cards...

And finally...these are some fun cards I made for my Primary (children's class at church) class a couple years ago, personalized with each child's favorite color...

Update with a few more projects:

Last year I helped Katie make these fun eye-patch valentines.  You can see more details and a link to the printable here:

And finally, here are some fun and simple valentine's cupcakes.  You can whip them up in this fun yellow if you're tired of red and pink...or you can go with a more traditional color.

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  1. Such wonderful, loving projects! And Happy Birthday, Polly!

  2. This is great - thanks! I love the melted crayon art.

  3. Great round-up of Valentine Ideas! The pajamas are so cute and I love that they worked for both holidays!

  4. Very cute ideas! I would love it if you would link up to my Valentines Party @!

  5. I love the math ideas and I downloaded them.

  6. What cute ideas! The little heart shaped carrots on the salad made me smile. Cute shaped vegetables would be a great way to make the kiddos eat them. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. You gave me some great ideas!
    Please come share these at:

  8. The car,little heart carrots,cards with Jesus loves me and Valentine's cards are my faves!! Thanks for doing such a meaningful post Molly!

  9. cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! :) came over from QS.

  10. These are some really cool projects. I especially like the car shirt. I've been planning to make one similar for my son for next week, only with trains (what else?), so I'll have to pop over and look at that post, too. The LOVE tiles look awesome.


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