Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Catching Up - Family Pics and School Starting

I knew I wouldn't be posting as much over the summer...but I thought I might at least post a little.  Since Eric and the kids are home for the summer, it means a lot less free time to spend blogging, not to mention taking care of a not-so-new-newborn.  It's been a good summer with these four kiddos.

And because I'm a proud Mama (and because our family was lucky enough to win a photo session with the fabulous Jessica Greenfield at the same raffle I made this for), I'm going to show off a few more pictures of my adorable kiddos.

So hard to believe she's coming up on 8 in a few months. 

And Seth just started kindergarten.  He's loving it!  He says he has a new friend in his class and that they chase girls a lot together.  Hmmmm....
You might remember that sign from Katie's first day of Kindergarten.  My how the kids have grown in two years.

But Becca is still wearing that same skirt...

Becca has been super excited to "Do Preschool" together now that Katie and Seth are at school all day.  The only slight problem is that she seems to think "Do Preschool" mostly means one particular favorite activity (that changes from day to day) instead of whatever I had in mind.  We're both compromising a little.

And Anson is a total cutie!  Since we had this pictures taken, he's learned to sit up unassisted.  He's also grabbing and putting everything in his we're going to have some major baby proofing going on in the next few weeks.

We're doing great.
And we were lucky enough to have Liz, Seth's birthmom visit when we took the photos.  It's fun to see them have fun together.
So a big THANK YOU and shout out to Jessica Greenfield of Jessica Greenfield Photography.  If you're ever in and around the Columbia Basin, give her a call.

We've spent the summer having going on some fun little trips (none more than about 5 hours away) and doing projects in the yard.

Eric and I are now almost experts on concrete forms for sidewalks and sprinkler systems.  I'm hoping we'll be experts on getting grass in soon.  And despite spending way more time on the concrete and sprinklers than I spend on any of my craft projects...I haven't really taken many pictures of them.  Here's a picture of the first pour.  (We did the frames and hired real experts to pour the concrete.)

Even Anson got his hand in.
 This is the first section complete.  We're actually pretty proud of ourselves.
I need to take some pictures of the second section.  We now have sidewalk going all the way around the house...which the kids love for riding their bikes.  We still have one section to do forms for to make a sidewalk from the back patio to the back fence for the kids to walk to school on.

Now that school is starting, I'm hoping to get more done inside the house...and I'm hoping to get on the old blog a bit more.  I'm hoping to post a new project once or twice a week.  We're still working on getting into a new routine now that school has started.

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  1. What gorgeous family photos!! I love that she is wearing the same skirt.. Long live the Very Hungry Caterpillar! :) Your concrete looks great, too. Sounds like you've been very busy!

  2. Wow. I am truly impressed by that sidewalk and the fact that you did the frames all by yourselves. And how fun that the kids can ride their bikes in circles around the house! Super fun. And the family pictures are gorgeous too. The kids are just adorable! And getting so big!

  3. You got some amazing family shots! Love your sidewalk and the wonderful handprints too.

  4. Hey...just Eva!! :-) Great Post and Pictures!! They are all growing soooo fast! I LOVE all of your hands in the BEAUTIFUL!! I love you cousins!!

  5. Welcome back! Great idea to have a sidewalk all the way around the house, I'll have to remember that.

  6. I'm sure you've had a busy summer! Beautiful family pictures. Really beautiful! and I love the hand prints in the sidewalk around the house... classic memory! welcome back!


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