Saturday, September 8, 2012

Easy Construction Cake

Seth had his birthday last month.  He turned 5 just in time to start kindergarten this year.

I'm always on the lookout for fun AND easy kids' cakes, so I've had this one from Lauren at Fredillicious pinned to my cake board for a while.  Digging and dirt has kind of been a theme with us this summer since we've been putting in sidewalks and digging trenches for sprinkler pipe, so I thought this cake would be perfect.

No tutorial, but you don't need one.  Just bake a two layer cake...ours was chocolate from a cake mix.  Once it's cooled, cut a hole out of the top, a little off center.  Take the part you cut out and flip it over on the cake.  Cover with chocolate frosting.  (I used this recipe.)  I used crushed oreos with the filling removed to put in the hole and on top of the pile to make it look more like cake crumbs.  Then I stuck on the construction machines.  They came in a pack of 5 for about $6 at Target.

Seth loved it, and it was the fastest themed birthday cake I've ever made.  If you're not much of a cake artist, this is a good one to start with since the cake is supposed to look like it's falling apart.

 (Yeah, I know he turned 5 and there are like 8 candles...someone was having too much fun putting candles in.)

And Liz, Seth's birthmom even got to come for a visit for his birthday this year.

You can kinda see the resemblance, huh?

Seth's been using the toys to dig around in the dirt outside.

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  1. What an awesome cake for any boy, but especially this dirt-loving guy. Thanks for the wonderful pictures! Happy birthday (again) Seth! (Love the "resemblance" photo of Seth & Liz - what a treat to have her there on his birthday.)

  2. How awesome! My son has been set on a fire truck cake for his 3rd birthday coming up in a few weeks, but I might see if he would like this better since it's even easier!!

  3. Wonderful birthday cake! perfect for a 5 year old boy- love it!

  4. This is so cool! Such a good idea - perfect! Thanks for sharing. have a great day!

  5. That is very cute! Would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday link party...just posted it!

  6. I LOVE this! I love easy and creative cakes too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. What a fun cake. My oldest wants "working trucks" on his cake this yr. This is a great idea. I am going to Fb page share and post as one of my finds on the kids co-op this wk. Thanks for sharing, Jaime@FSPDT


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