Monday, October 29, 2012

4 Fun and Easy Spider Ideas

I bought some plastic spider rings about a month ago and we've been having fun with them ever since.  I thought I'd share a few ideas in case you're looking for some last minute Halloween fun.

Katie was having some friends over after school, so I thought we'd have some fun treats.  Rebecca helped me make some rice krispy treats.  Before putting most of them into the pan, I made some individual treats on the little plates that go with our tea cup set.  I started by spraying the plate with a little PAM so they'd come off easy.

Then pat some down with a spoon (spray the back of the spoon with PAM first too.)
Then add your plastic spider.  Easy Peasy.

I thought it was kind of fun to have that big ugly spider on such a dainty little plate.  Made me think a little of the black spider in Purplicious.

I also made the girls some lemonade...nothing fancy...just followed the recipe off the Real Lemon bottle.  Then we added some spider ice cubes to it.  You can add one...

...or several...
The kids loved this so much we just kept washing the spiders in the dishwasher and then using them over and over.

And finally, as I was sorting through some thing, I realized we had a bunch of streamers.  I buy them thinking I'll use them to decorate for birthday parties and then never do.  (Cause let's face it...I'm always scrambling to get the cake or something else ready in time and it's hard to put streamers up so they look good.)  So I used two packs of streamers and made a giant spider web through the living room and kitchen.  The kids thought it was a blast.

And I popped a few spider rings onto the streamer spider web.

And last, but not least, there's always the spider in the soup I shared last week.  Click here for the directions on making the sour cream web.

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  1. Love the spider in the ice cubes. Fun ideas. I just love Halloween!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun at your house!

  3. What a fun play date! Great use of spiders- I love simple. my favorite!


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