Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Spy Scripture Purse and Crayon Roll

I've been itching to try something with all the I-Spy squares that I got through the I-Spy Swap at Hammer and Thread a month or so ago.  (If you're interested in participating in an I-Spy Swap, I'm starting another one.  Go here to sign up.) I didn't think I'd get a chance to touch them until after Christmas, but then I found a way to work a few into a little Christmas gift for Becca.

Becca turned 3 last year which means when the new year hits she gets to go to the "Sunbeam" class at church.  (The first "real" Primary/Sunday School class for the children at our church.)  Becca is really excited, so we bought her a mini-Book of Mormon, and I figured she needed a little scripture purse to carry it in.

And as long as I was at it, I figured I'd add a little place for carrying crayons.

Becca loved helping me sort all our I-Spy squares to send in for the swap, so I knew Becca would love it if some of those squares ended up on her bag.  She'd also had fun with me looking through all the new squares that came back from the I knew what some of her very favorite squares were.

I tried to choose some "quiet" prints for the outside.  The girls in dresses and music seemed appropriate...

And the cat peeking out and hot-air balloon were a couple of her very favorites.

And used some of her "louder" favorites for the inside.  (She LOVED those gummy bears and the birthday cake.  She carried those squares around with her for a whole day.  Becca is also in love with puzzles lately and the crayons seems appropriate for a crayon roll.)

I'd planned to make a tutorial...but then I had to make a bunch of things up as I went along and I didn't really know what I was doing, so instead, I'll just share a few tips that might help.

Here's what I started with...and the fabric for the straps is not shown.  The I-Spy squares are 4'' square.  Then the other pieces you see were scraps I had left over from cutting I-Spy squares.  The giant gingerbread was basically scrap fabric I had that I used because it wouldn't show in most of the places it was needed.  I also lined the outside piece with batting to give the whole thing a little more bulk and stiffness.

Each pocket was made with 2 I-Spy square sewn together and is lined with scrap fabric.  I put a piece of double fold bias tape at the top to finish the edge and help it stand out from the busy prints behind it.
I also put bias tape on the sides of the pocket that held the Book of Mormon.  That was because I needed to finish those edges to allow for the thickness of the book.
I also put a little tuck in the book pocket to accommodate the corners.
Then I sewed the pocket on, right sides together with the inside piece of fabric.  Then folded the pocket up and stitch the pocket in place on through the bias tape.

I just put bias tape on the top edge of the crayon roll.  I actually found that 1 I-Spy square is a little too deep for crayons, so I trimmed it just a little before sewing it on.
I made the straps out of some I-Spy Scraps.  They're reinforced with felt inside to give them more stiffness and bulk.  I sewed them on and also lined the outside piece with batting.
Then once I had the outside and inside all ready, I carefully pinned them right sides together with the straps and pockets and everything on the inside.  I stitched around the whole thing, leaving a small opening, so I could turn the whole thing right side out.  I also trimmed the corners a bit, so they'd would look better when turned right side out.
Once it was right side out, I ironed the whole thing and stitched around the whole rectangle to make it look more finished.  I also added a little rick-rack loop and button to help hold the Book of Mormon it.

Becca loved getting it for Christmas.

And if you're interested in participating in an I-Spy Swap, you can still sign up here.

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  1. That is a really cute project and a great way for her to carry her book. Such cute fabrics too. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  2. This is a very cute project!! Guess I'll add it to my "make it someday" list. :)

  3. What a great tutorial! We'd love for you to link this up to our party!


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