Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

As I mentioned earlier, Eric agreed to give me the whole day on Saturday to sew while he took care of the kids.  A slight wrench was thrown into our plans when half the family came down with the flew over the weekend.  Anson was sick on Thursday.  I was sick Friday.  Becca was sick Friday night and Saturday and Seth was sick last night, so it's making it's way through the family.  I still got most of the day to sew, though, and I made some good progress on a new quilt.

I collected quite a few fabrics from the Children at Play Rocket Boys line by Sarah Jane for Christmas.  I'd had my eye on them for a while, and then realized that fabric shops were beginning to sell out of the line, so if I wanted it, I better get it soon.  I just love the rocket boys and the physics equations since I'm married to a brainy chemistry/physics teacher.

It was nice to get some crafty time in without having to stop every few minutes to keep kids entertained or change a diaper.

I managed to get all the hexagons cut out.  Two whole rows sewed together, and then the rest of the pieces sewn into single rows so I could clean it up without getting them out of order.  A nice bi-product of it is that I also get to figure out something fun to do with those equilateral triangles that are left over.

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  1. sounds like a great sewing day, despite the flu :) great hexies!

  2. This is looking very nice!

  3. I'm doing hexagons at the moment but by English paper piecing. Great relaxing hobby and portable for soft play areas and karate class!


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