Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Becca's Drawstring Bookbag - Idea from JoAnns

Even though I find myself buying more and more of my quilting fabric from independent fabric shops, Joanns is still my go-to store for all my sewing basics.  And lets face it...we all love their coupons and sales.  (If you don't receive Jo-Anns coupons, you can sign up for them here.)  I jumped at the chance to try out one of their projects for them.

I decided to try making the drawstring bag.  (You can browse more of their projects here, and you can find their Cape Discovery catalog here.)

My original vision was to make a bag for the kids' baseball equipment...but I got it done a little late in the season.  Becca immediately fell in love with the bag and decided it would be awesome for her little learn-to-read books.
(I've written about how much we love BOB books before.  They're great for beginning readers.

As usual, I couldn't quite follow the instructions they way they were designed.  I swapped out the applique for a contrasting strip on top.  I also used some leather cord I had on hand for extra durability in the straps.

Seth is already pestering me to make another one for him...but he wants legos on his.

This is a sponsored post written for Jo-Anns, but all opinions are completely mine.

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  1. Looks like Becca like it too. I agree, love my lqs but sometimes you just have to take advantage of the sales and coupons, especially for non quilt

  2. I like yours much better, but sorry, it isn't quite as cute as Becca!


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