Monday, January 13, 2014

DIY Dragon Army Shirts - Ender's Game Shirts

Do you have any Ender's Game fans at your house?  I've loved Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (affiliate link) for years.  It's definitely my favorite in the series, and the Shadow books are my favorite sequels (affiliate link) to Ender's Game.  So I was really excited for the movie to come out.  In fact, it's the first movie I'd seen in the theater in YEARS.  We just don't go see movies all that often.  The movie was good...but of course the book is better.  I have yet to see a movie version of a great book that was as good as the book.  But, I digress...

As much as I like Ender's Game, my brother is an even bigger fan.  So much so, that he named his son Ender...for reals.  I thought it would be fun to make my brother and nephew some Dragon Army shirts...

...and as long as I was making shirts for them, I went ahead and made some for my boys, plus an extra one for a bloggy friend who also loves Ender's Game.

All told, I ended up making 5 shirts. 

I found an image of the Dragon Army logo online and used Photoshop to simplify it and make it more printer friendly.  The cool lines snacking around the circle were just a bit too daunting to cut out for freezer paper stenciling, so I simplified it to just the circles.

I wanted to get some orange and grey them as much as I could (You know...because grey-orange-grey are the Dragon Army colors.), so I used some simple combination freezer paper stenciling and T-shirt applique.  See here and here for my tutorials.  I just used shirts that I had in my T-shirt stash, so they're different colors and brands.

Seth and Anson don't really know who much about Ender's Game...because let's face it.  It's a little heavy  for a 6 year-old.  Seth likes the cool looking dragon on it and when he's old enough to read the books, he'll realize just how cool a mom he has to make him a shirt like this.

Anson was quite a bit more cooperative for pictures and I have to say he's stinkin' cute trying to read the book.

It will be fun when he's old enough to read the books for reals...but for now I'm happy with him being my little guy.

 Have you seen Ender's Game?  Or have you read any of the Ender or Shadow books?  Which one was your favorite?

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  1. I haven't yet read the book (our library has a waiting list of over 200 people, eek!). But I did take my husband, who's a HUGE fan, to see the movie. I really enjoyed the movie, but am more than excited to read the book. I might have to make a t-shirt like this for my husband. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Also a big fan. What a great way to lead child into reading, crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. Awesome shirts, I need to make that for my sons--we like Ender's Game too! :)

  4. Anson is adorable in these photos. Ender's Shadow (the story from Bean's point of view) is my favorite.

  5. SO COOL!!! My husband and I both Loved the book and we both really enjoyed the movie too. And those shirts are killer! Good job Polly!


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