Monday, March 24, 2014

Triangular Quilted Hot Pads Tutorial + a Set for YOU!

Disclosure: The following craft is part of Joann Fabric and Craft Stores National Craft Month.  I was given product to review.  All the ideas, opinions, and content are 100% my own. #CraftMonthLove

Taking a quick break today from For the LOVE of Books with a little selfish sewing project...because besides being National Reading Month, it's also National Craft of course that meant a trip to JoAnns was in order.  (Did you know Jo-Anns has a whole site dedicated to spring craft ideas involving the latest trends?  Check it out here.)

I had only planned to go in an pick up some Kona Solids with my Joanns coupon...but you know how it is there...about 10 other things jumped in my cart when I wasn't looking, including this pretty print, and the matching Kona solids.  I was itching to play with fabric just because.  I'm loving simple geometric patterns patterns right now and wanted something to switch things up in the dining room.  I also needed it to be a quick project because I've got several deadlines coming up...the most pressing being Miss Becca's birthday in a few days.

So I decided to do something a little out-of-the-box...or rather outside the square and experimented with some Triangular Hot Pads.  I'm loving the how they turned out, especially the bold colors.

And I took Pictures for a little tutorial for you too...and if you read to the end, there might be a little something in it for you.

You can use any size of triangles, but mine were 5 inches on each side before sewing.  You'll need 6 triangles of your print fabric and 3 triangles of your solid fabric, plus fabric for the back.  I used the same print that I used on the front.  You could probably make the whole thing from scraps.  You can use a template to cut out your triangles, but I prefer to use the 60 degree markings on my quilting ruler.

Next I sewed my triangle into strips.  I usually iron my seams to one side, but I've discovered with triangles, that it actually works better to press them open.  It helps keep the bulk evened out a bit more around those corners.  If you're cutting your triangles out with a template, you likely don't have tips to snip...but if your triangles do have tips...snip them off.  It helps keep the bulkiness down where the corners meet.

Then I sewed my strips together to form a larger triangle...and again trim the tips and press your seams open.
Once your top is sewn together and pressed well, lay it right side DOWN on top of your backing fabric, and cut out.

Now take both those layers and lay it on some batting, and cut that out.

Now you should have a layer that consist of your batting on the bottom, your packing right side UP and your top right side DOWN.

Pin it well all the way around.  (I'm one to skip pinning on lots of projects, but this is one where you'll want it.

Now we're going to sew around the edge with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Plan ahead to leave an opening so we can turn this right side out.

Once you're done sewing around the edge, you'll need to trim the corners...and because these are 60 degree corners, you'll want to trim those corners a bit more than you're probably used to with other projects.

Remove your pins...if you're lucky you'll have a little helper who is excited to do it for you.

Turn it right side out.

You'll want to use something like a chop stick (or in our case a magic wand) to really push your corners out to get them as crisp and sharp as possible.

You'll get a much nicer finished product if you take the time to iron your work before doing the quilting.

Then top-stitch around the outside edge.  I started near one of the solid triangles, so I could go right on to the interior quilting after finishing the outside edge.
I stitched 1/4 inch from the outside edge as well as 1/4 inch from the seams, inside my solid triangles.

I love the design it make.  You could use matching thread, but I loved the contrast of the black on the solids.

Then you'll want to do do a little slip-stitching and your hot pad will be ready for use.

And just because I think it will be fun, I thought we'd have a little giveaway.  I ended up making two sets, which is more than I need, so I'll be giving a set away to one lucky blog-reader.
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  1. One of each as well! What a beautiful idea. I need some new hot pads and these are absolutly beautiful!

  2. One of each, got to enjoy each color! And what a great idea. Perfect to make something special out of scraps! I am thinking some sort of memory type item, something you would use, but still be able to remember that special person!

  3. One of each, since they coordinate. Thank you for the blog tutorial.

  4. Love those potholders. Thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win.


  5. These are very lovely. I would love one of each. Great..great..great tutorial.

  6. One of each color.
    Did you use special batting? I made pot holders years ago with Warm 'n Natural and with only one layer of it in the middle, it wasn't insulated enough to protect fingers. For a later project, someone told me to use old washcloths layered in the center.


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