Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All White Cuddle Quilt - Baptism Quilt - Wedding Quilt - Baby Blessing

As a quilter one of my favorite ways to commemorate a milestone event is with a quilt.  So when our daughter turned 8 years old and chose to be baptized a member of the LDS Church  a couple months ago, I made her this All White Cuddle Quilt to help her remember the special day.  (Note: Fairfield World and Shannon Fabrics sent me supplies and compensated me to make this quilt and write about it on the Fairfield website here.  This personal blog post is entirely my own.)

In the LDS Church we believe that the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) is a member of the Godhead and helps lead, guide, and prompt our decisions.  He also acts as a Comforter in times of grief, pain, and/or anxiety.  Since this special girl suffers from severe social anxiety (selective mutism), I thought this physical reminder of comfort would help her remember that the Holy Ghost can also help comfort her soul.

We're so proud of her and the choices she's making the big girl she's growing into.  (CTR is a reminder to always Choose The Right.)

A white cuddle blanket could also be amazing to commemorate a wedding, baby blessing, First Communion or many other religious events.

You can find the full pattern and directions for All White Cuddle Quilt on the Fairfield site here.

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