Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baby's First Christmas Ornament: 12 Days After Christmas

Everyone in our family gets and ornament each year. I try to find ones that have some meaning for something the kids' did that year. The last several years, I've been a bit disappointed with the selection in least stores with affordable ones. With only 2 days to Christmas I realized I hadn't done anything for ornaments yet...and even if I wanted to buy them, stores aren't as close to get to these days.

This is what I did for Sweet Pea. Someone gave us these booties for Firecracker. They're totally adorable...but a little impractical for actually wearing. I've felt bad that the kids never wore them when they'd been handmade and are so stinkin' CUTE!
So I took some unravelled yarn left over from another Christmas project I'll post about later and added Sweet Pea's name to one side and 2009 to the other side.

Then I filled up the bootie with stuffing...uh...well...actually...fleece scraps to keep it filled out in a nice shape. (I used to drive my mom crazy saving "useless" scraps. Now I drive my husband crazy with it...but they do come in handy.) I think it turned out pretty well. Now I just have to figure out who to make the other one into an ornament for. I think this would work great with pretty much any bootie or even a baby sock. You would probably want to use embrodery thread instead of yarn if you're doing a sock.

This would also make a great shower gift for anytime during the year for a new mom to use for next Christmas.


  1. Are those the booties June Barnes made (from Kathy Rhodes)? Why not make the other one into an ornament for Firecracker, since they were hers in the first place?

  2. Maybe, I can't remember who gave them to us. Does she make these? Yes, we were thinking of making the other one into Firecracker.

  3. How sweet!!!! and that's a great idea for a new baby.


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