Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey You

Yeah, YOU. You know who you are. You're reading this right now. You've read my blog in the past. Yeah, yeah it really is YOU I'm talking to here. Here's what I'd like you to do. Two things, please. First of all, go to your blogger profile and add your e-mail address so I can reply to the neat comments you leave me.  (I can be really frustrated by how many people leave nice comments or ask a question, but I'm not able to email you back!)  Don't know how to do that? I'll help you out.

Go to your blog.
Click on "customize" up at the top.
Click on "Dashboard" up at the top.
Click on "Edit Profile" (second option down next to your profile picture).
Check the box (third line down) that says "Show my email address."*
Scroll down a little.
Make sure your e-mail address is entered in in the "Identity" section.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom.
Click "Save Profile."
First task complete.

Second task? Please, please leave a comment on this post. Yeah, yeah it's really YOU I'm talking to. YOU who always leaves a comment, YOU who's been lurking off in the shadows pretending you don't read my blog when you really do, YOU who thinks you have nothing funny or good to say in a comment, YOU who has been too afraid of figuring out how to actually set up your account so you can leave comments, YOU who is ultra paranoid about getting too much spam if you actually sign up your blogger account (you won't-- scouts honor), YOU. I'll make it easy. I'm even going to tell you what to say.

-Tell me your first name.
-Identify yourself (i.e. "I am your sister." or "I am just a random person you've never met who's been reading your blog" or "I the kid you substitute taught for on Friday." Etc., etc. (See, you didn't think I meant YOU, but I do.)
-Tell me your favorite popsicle flavor.

So easy! Everyone knows their name, how you know me (or that you don't know me) and your favorite popsicle flavor! "But why do all this?" you ask? Why, because I'd like to get to know you, that's why! And if you do all that mumbo jumbo about saving your e-mail address like I taught you then I can even make personal replies back to you! Now doesn't that sound fun? Okay, so play a long. Come out of the woodwook. Presume welcome (because, here, you always are). Won't you please come say hello today? Pretty pretty please with ice cream and strawberries and chocolate on top? Pretty pretty please with your very own personal reply from me? I promise to send a personal reply to anyone and everyone who comments today (who fixes thier e-mail address so I can actually reply) with a personal message. Promise, promise, promise. So play along! Tell me a bit about yourself. Oh how I wish you would.

*This doesn't show your e-mail address to the world. It gives people the option to e-mail you. Then of course when they send you an e-mail they see your address, but it's not just published out there for all the world to copy and paste.

**My sister wrote this on her blog Notes from a Very Red Kitchen quite a while ago. There's no way I could be more entertaining, so she's given me permission to republish it here. Thanks, Katie!!


  1. -My name is Jenna
    -I am a mother who reads your blog. I subscribe via Google Reader. I love it, your awesome. And I really did think I had my email linked to my name, and I so didn't, so thanks for making me take a second look.
    -I am not a popsicle person! Unless you count chocolate ice cream on a stick:)

  2. I already had that setting right but checked to make sure (like when someone in the group is notified their fly is down everyone else checks too LOL)

    I am one of those random people you have never met. I follow your blog b/c I loved the lil roads you made out of jeans & plan to do some someday for my child care kids! (when I figure out my sewing machine:))

    popsicle... hmmm cherry or blue raspberry :)

  3. Also, I am now following your sisters blog, which I didn't know about before. You guys are both super cute.

  4. I'm just a random person following your blog. lol. I think i followed a link from some other blog. :) But i follow on google reader, so i probably don't show up on your followers or anything.

    do fudgesicles count as Popsicles?

  5. -Kristabelle
    -I am just a random, I found your blog becouse of your very-hungry-caterpillar-applique tut (which I am going to try later this year)and have been folloing you since then.

  6. I'm Ticia, I read your blog because I like the crafts you do. I comment occasionally, but not super regularly. I have 3 preschoolers at home, and I already had that box checked.
    I like red popsicles.

  7. My name is Amy.
    I am a "lurker" I found your blog through another blog and have chosen to be a follower 'cause you do such cute stuff. One day I want to try your felt food ideas. I really want to make them.
    I love the blue raspberry popsicles. YUM!

  8. You caught me! I am a lurker, a never-commenter. But I love your stuff! My name is Lorene. I don't know you, but I found you through some of your tutorials being posted at craftgossip and then I became a follower during your felt food cook along because I fully intend to make every last food item once my baby is old enough to even care. :) I blog at (every week or so) and I'm a weekly guest blogger every Wednesday at And now that I've told you more than you asked (or probably wanted!), I love all popsicle flavors. Except banana.

  9. -I am Katie (your sister)
    -I am way jealous that your readers have played along with this whole thing much better than mine did back when I did it a long time ago.
    -I am totally with those that are in the fudgesicle category. Amen to popsicles being gross. Why did I ever ask that question?

  10. I'm Carrie...
    I randomly found your blog and love your ideas. My favorite popsicle flavor is banana. You know the one that comes with the rootbeer and lime flavored package. Yummy.

  11. I am Hillary: your sister-in-law!!! YES!!! I love being related to popular people. :)

    I always read your blog, and I always think your stuff is super fun, thrifty, and cute. And yet... I rarely, if ever, comment. SORRY! But I love you! :)

    I like big sticks. Like the kind I used to get when I was in elementary school on jog-a-thon days.

  12. I'm Emily and I live in Washington too (I saw you live in the lower Yakima Valley on your profile). I live in the north Puget Sound area. Hello to a fellow Washingtonian! I found your blog when I was looking on One Pretty Thing for felt food tutorials. I've stuck around because I love putting appliques on my little one's clothes too! If I was forced to eat a popsicle I would go for rootbeer flavor, but I think I would probably hold out for the creamsicle instead!

    ps. I'm guessing you're LDS based on your blog (and the picture of the pass-along card in your scripture tin tutorial). I'm LDS too, so I have an extra something in common with you.

  13. I'm your mother and I love your blog because I love your blog, not just because I love you. Haha! I love fugdgesicles, but you already knew that. Or Dilly Bars. YUUUUMMMMM. (Have you tried felt food popsicles or ice cream?)

  14. I'm a 13 girl who just started reading your blog, eagerly reading each tutorial. I love your felt food, and that's what brought me here. My favorite Popsicle flavor is orange.

  15. Wait, that came out wrong. I DO love you, of course, but I also love your blog because it's great all on its own, not just because I love you. I hope you already figured out that's what I meant. See what turning another year older can do - my tongue is all twisted! :)

  16. Hello, I am Billy
    I found you in a link from somewhere else. I was hooked! You have commented on my blog before we made a snow bunny for Easter. Keep up the cool ideas.

    I like the popsicles made with real fruit ... both the lime and the strawbeery are so good. They are even called Real Fruit (I think ;))

  17. Hello I am Ruth. I'm just a random person who found your blog during your felt food-a-long and have been following it ever since. I had a little boy a year and a half ago and now I stay at home with him and craft in my free time. I also started my own blog to keep track of/show off my craftiness. You can find it at

    My favorite popsicles are Banana almond butter pops. They are awesome.

  18. LOL - This is one of my biggest blogging pet peeves. How many times have I gone to respond to a comment only to get the!!! So frustrating.

    Christianne - I can't remember how I found you, I think you found me first - Who would eat a popsicle when there's ice cream around? :)

  19. My name is Jennifer- I'm just a random reader attached via google reader in my blog. and I like Lime popsicles!

  20. My name is Patricia and I found your blog through one of your tutorials for felt-food being lined from that site. I'm so glad I did. Your projects are always fun and cute. The 2 year old grandson of my best friend is going to be the proud owner of felt food made from your tutorials!
    My favorite popsicle is the banana ones from a long time ago. I haven't seen any lately. Yummy!

  21. I'm Stacy, a SAHM to Ella 2, and Ryan 3. I blog at and can't remember how I found you! Thanks- I can't believe I didn't have that box checked!!! I have to agree- Who would eat a popsicle when there's ice cream around?

  22. I'm Robin...I'm a lurker from Northern Ontario in Canada. I'm also a stay at home mum of 2 kids....and an Air Force wife. I probably found your blog from OnePrettyThing. And I'd have to say I love the orange RealFruit popsicles but I never buy them! lol

  23. I'm Crystal, just another random person who stumbled across your blog one day. I subscribe in google reader. I have a two-year-old son, and I probably found you after discovering a link to a craft you had showcased at one point or another.
    Favorite popsicle mom used to make us these homemade popsicles in a mold that had plastic holders w/ straws, so you could suck up all the melted juice. She'd mix up random juice flavors...and it was always such a great treat! Mine never come out as good as hers did!

  24. hi i'm becky from malta,SAHM to 2 cuties. i came across your blog throu another blog throu another searching for appliques - and you R just the person for it!!!
    have used your tip of tracing something i like/find on screen - thanks.
    i prefer ice cream or rather still some nice cheesecake, creme caramel or a special 'cream cake' my portugese friend taught me how to make.
    i dont have a blog but have yours under my favourites.

  25. Holly Mayer, your sister -in law. I love a good cherry Popsicle. Love your blog and look at it often, probably don't comment enough. Wish we lived closer but look forward to spending time with you in a few weeks for the wedding.

  26. Hello, I am Miss Muffin - the one that loves to read your blog but never actually has enough time! :-(
    I love strawberry purree popsicles. But they are rare around here! Should try making my own this summer ...

  27. I'm Laina - about 7 months late in seeing this, but I figured I would leave a comment anyway. I am a random person you've never met who was born and raised in Texas, but now living FAR away in Denmark.
    I found you from another blog, but I can't remember which (because I linked to them from another, and so it was like 5 blogs later that I found yours).
    So, here I am, and I am LOVING your blog as well as your projects!


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