Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Car Ornament: The Twelve Days After Christmas

Okay, here's the last of this year's Christmas ornaments. I have some cooler projects coming up, but the ornaments are easier to write about so they're coming first. :)

Boy LOVES to play with cars. He's loved it ever since he was about Sweet Peas age and his enthusiasm for them as never wavered. He also loves purple. We think this started in imitation of his sister. He can sometimes identify other colors, but ALWAYS gets purple right.

So here's Boy's $0.99 ornament. I looked through the Hot Wheels until I found a purple one, and bought it. You can find them just about anywhere for around a dollar. I've found past years' models at hobby shops for as low as 50 cents or if you look early, you could find them at garage sales for even less.

I tied some recycled yarn through the windows. I put a couple of globs of hot glue in the car, through the windows to hold the yarn in place. Tied the ends in a knot and then in a bow, and wrote 2009 on the top of the car with a permanent marker. That's it. The part that took the longest was waiting for the glue gun to warm up.


  1. Is he frustrated that he can't pull it off the tree and play with it?

  2. He wasn't when it first came out of his stocking, but it did a day or two later for a while.

  3. How perfect for a little boy!

    Thanks for linking up!


  4. Omm, ahh, ohh,yaa, doese that thing have instructons?


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