Monday, January 4, 2010

No-Sew Felt Tortellini Pasta: 12 Days After Christmas

I had been doing well keeping up the pace with my after Christmas posts, but then the weekend hit, so here I'm back.  We'll see how often I keep on posting since I'm not officially on the sub-list and can get called in any day now.  My camera was actually behaving fairly well the night I made these, so only half of the pictures are blurry. ;)

So here is the third installment of felt food and again, I used one of Angie's tutorials on Treasures for Tots. This time it's the Tortellini.  I just can't get over how real they look, and they're SO easy.  You don't even have to sew to make these! 

I've put some pictures up here, but Angie's are a lot better, so you should check her's out too.  The main "improvement" I feel like I made on her instructions are using the pliers, especially in the last step.  Otherwise I followed her directions exactly...I even actually used cotton balls instead of trying to use diced up felt scraps for this one.

Materials:  3 in felt squares (You can get 12 out of a piece of craft felt.), cotton balls, glue gun

For any step where you are waiting for the glue to cool, I used a pair of pliers to hold it while I worked on another one.  You want to keep the pliers a bit loose, though, because if you hold it too tight, you'll see the square shape of the pliers when you let go.

Stretch the cotton ball out a bit and put it in the middle of your felt.  Put a dab of glue on the top corner.

Fold in half to make a triangle.

Put a strip of glue along one side.  Press and hold together. 

Repeat for the second side.

Roll it up a bit so it looks like this:

Put a dab of glue on one side like this.

Fold the other side over, so it overlaps the glue...and hold.

Easy Peasy!


  1. Yummy! I agree that it looks easy-peasy. And low calorie! :)

  2. They look GREAT!! You could use clothespins to hold them in place - I do!

    I just uploaded a new felt food tutorial - this time Valentine's Day fortune cookies!

    Let me know if you try it - I'd love to see pictures!

  3. Oh and I grabbed your button too! Thank you for trying my tutes!


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