Friday, January 29, 2010

Sunny Side Up Eggs - Felt-Food Cook-Along Day 15

Scrambled eggs not your style?  You want that cheery sunny-side-up egg to greet you in the morning?  Here's now I made mine.

Materials:  White and yellow felt, thread, needle and/or sewing machine, pins

Cut out a while blob and a yellow circle.  I didn't trace anything for either one.  Just cut them freehand.

Sew the yellow circle on. 
I didn't secure the ends, but left long strings, so I could pull them behind and tie the threads together
Then I used a sharp, pointy pair of scissors to cut a slit through the white felt behind the egg yoke.
Then I stuffed stuffing through the slit.
Then I pinned the whole thing onto more white felt and sewed around the ends of the egg white, making sure to secure the ends by going back and forth a bit.  (I forgot a picture of this step, but it's necessary to cover up the slit.  I find myself wishing a bit that I had sewed that slit shut before sewing the second layer of egg white...but oh, well.)

Then melt some butter in a frying pan. 
Fry your egg.
 Serve with a snowman pancake and some fruit for a more balanced breakfast.  (Strawberry coming soon...)


  1. Yum! I recognize that fabric behind the breakfast plate...

  2. Yay! I have enough projects to put up a Felt Food Roundup. Hmm. Maybe I should call it a Helping Little Hands Roundup? =) Thanks so much for all these. I'm loving the Cook-Along!

  3. Came across this looking for felt food to make my son for Christmas!! Can't wait to make the eggs!! Thanks for taking the time to post such detailed instructions and pictures!!


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