Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Fix for Kids' Jean Snaps - Hand-Me-Down Rehab

We LOVE hand-me-downs at our house.  I just can't bring myself to pay full price for clothes...partly because of our budget and partly because I just hate paying more than I have to for things.  Firecracker doesn't care where they came from...if they're new to her, then they're new as far as she is concerned.  Hand-me-downs are especially awesome because they're FREE!

We've been pulling out "5 size clothes" as Firecracker calls them came across this pair of jeans.  They're wierd in several ways.  They're actually size 6, so they're long, but they're so skinny that if I save them until they're the right length, they wouldn't fit.  They also have one of those snaps that won't stay snapped.  You know the one.  Every so often a pair of kids' jeans comes into your life that will not stay snapped for anything.  This is that pair.
 So I went to the store and bought these hooks and eyes made for pants.
 And sewed them on.
And now Firecracker's pants stay closed.  Guess's a lot easier for a 5 year old to hook these, than it is for her to do the snap anyway.

Stay tuned for the solution for the too-long legs...

Have you got clothes that need a remaking?  Join along!

Hand-Me-Down Rehab

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  2. I think I might borrow that idea for my 4 year old. Some of the snaps that actually do stay shut are so hard for little fingers to do. Thanks!

  3. That worked out great. I love hand me downs also. I am on the best hand me down train ever.

  4. That is so smart. I love simple and practical fixes like that!


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