Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Satin Stitched Poodle Shirt Applique - Hand-Me-Down REHAB

After I made Firecracker's skirt, I wanted a shirt to match it, and started with a plain, black turtleneck from the hand-me-down pile.  Sweet Pea's dress had a little poodle appliqued on the bottom, so I thought I'd do a poodle on Firecracker's shirt to match. 
I found a poodle silhouette image online and modified it to bit to make the shape simpler.  (Sorry...for the life of me I can't find the link again.)  One of the keys to easy applique is using a simple enough pattern that still has all the elements you want.  I traced the shape onto some Heat'n Bond Lite...my favorite stuff for appliques.  Then I ironed it on the back of some of the scraps left over from the shirt makeover and cut it out.  Because I was worried about the edges unravelling because of the loose weave, I applied Fray Check to the edges right away, before pealing the paper backing off and was more generous with the Fray Check than usual.  (With most fabric, if you're doing a satin stitch applique, you won't need to use Fray Check at all.)
Then I let it thoroughly dry before ironing it on to the shirt since the solvent in the Fray Check is flammable. 
Again because I was worried about fraying, I decided to use a satin stitch to sew the applique to the shirt.  (Basically it's a zig zag stitch with the stitch length set nearly to 0.  (Normally if you're going to do a satin stitch, Fray Check is not necessary.)
Instead of securing the ends by sewing back and forth (which gives a bunched look when you're zig zagging), I left the ends long, pulled them through to the back, and tied them in a knot to secure the ends.
All of that gave me this.  It still seemed like it was missing something...
...so I pulled out some pink embroidery thread and added a swirly leash that went up and bordered the collar of the shirt.  I used all 6 strands of embroidery thread, so it would stand out.
I liked the look of this much better...
...And so does Firecracker.
Now we just need to put Sweet Pea in her dress and take a matching picture.


  1. I love the irony of the collar going around Firecracker's neck! Can't wait for the matchy photo with Sweetpea.

  2. What an awesome outfit! Good job! Your model is adorable, by the way! :)

  3. The leash really does complete the look. Love it :)

  4. Firecracker by far is going to be the most stylish kinder in school this fall!

  5. What a nice tutorial! Do you happen to have any tipps on the actual sewing with the satin stitch? I have a really hard time with that - I get "off track" really quickly. And it is a real pain to unpick a satin stitch! I know I should go slow ... but as soon as there are curves I can not follow them with my stitching ... :-(


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