Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning "the Stash"

Happy April Fools' Day!  We've got a few tricks up our sleeves for the kids today, but that post will have to come later.

Monday morning Hubby let me have the morning to go to Goodwill without the kiddos to do some shopping. I loved working with the knits in Sweet Pea's Very Hungry Caterpillar Applique (tutorial coming tomorrow hopefully) and I've been very inspired by some of the knits projects my sister has done on her blog as well as some I've seen posted on Lil Blue Boo. I wanted to get some T-shirts to use in appliques and other knit projects. 

Tuesday, I got the cleaning bug. It was time to get my craft stuff organized again, especially since I'm kind in the Hand-Me-Down Rehab groove and needed to switch out some things in the cabinet to make room for these:

I bought that stuck of T-shirst for about 60 cents a piece and have enough colorful knits to last me quite a while.
My craft area was so bad, that I couldn't stand it anymore.  I should have taken a "before" picture of my craft area, but I didn't.  You'll just have to imagine how bad it was if the whole area behind the sewing machine was crammed with stuff. 
I have sewing/craft supplies stored in several places thoughout the house, but I try to keep the materials for my current projects mostly in my sewing cupboard.  I've found a number of projects (listed in no particular order) that need finishing that will be probably be up on my blog in the next few weeks.
  1. Christmas presents for my kids' birthmothers
  2. Fixing the eye spy bags (the plastic windows tore)
  3. Little girls underwear organizer (I promise this is not as weird as it sounds)
  4. Firecracker's shirt that needs the sleeves ruffled
  5. Flannel Pajama Pants for the Kids that were supposed to be for Christmas
  6. Frog Costume
  7. Lots more clothes for some Hand-Me-Down Rehab, including some fun boy knee patches, and more denim skirts
  8. Felt for making a tent out of my daughter's loft bed
  9. A box of free ties to make into Joseph's Coat of Many Colors for a Primary Lesson and some more of these toddler ties
  10. A nursing cover for a friend at church
  11. And the list goes on...
 In fact, cleaning up the craft area was so inspirting that I already got #1, 3, and 4 done.  I would have finished #6 too, but Firecracker ran off wearing the half-finished costume and I haven't seen it since.

Anything on the list look especially interesting?  Let me know and I'll move it up the priority.

I guess, I'm not the only one thinking of organizing and clearing out their craft stash, because I came across Stash Busting Month on Dollar Store Crafts, via Out of the Crayon Box and I decided to participate, especially since it goes along with the Hand-Me-Down REHAB groove I've been in.   I'm even going to be doing a tutorial for Dollar Store Crafts sometime during the month:
You want to join in too?

And finally, if you're looking to build your stash, there's a fabric giveaway on my sister's blog.


  1. I am totally intrigued by the little girls underwear organizer. And since my crafting is 99% stash busting I think I just might have to play along in April's Stash bust. Thanks for the heads up! Oh and the coat of many colours!

  2. Happy April Fools Day to you! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & trying my Thai Chicken Pasta :) I'm currently hosting a giveaway that I think you might be interested in. Please feel free to check it out!


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