Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vacuum cleaners don't work very well when...

...they've got 4 of these darlings inside right before the dust trap.
Don't ask me which of my little darlings got them in there or exactly how they got them so far inside.  It could have been any of the three.

This picture would probably be a lot better if I knew more about photography.  If you want some great photography tips, check out this post on Notes From a Very Red Kitchen where photographer Marcee Jesse is guest blogging.  There's even a sweet giveaway of a photography session if you're going to be in the Provo area.  Marcee takes the CUTEST pictures of my niece.


  1. Ha ha! Our vacuum cleaner doesn't work so well when it's jammed with several pieces from the Scrabble for Juniors game. The twins were vacuuming...didn't bother to pick up all the pieces first...

  2. I found your blog from "Somewhat Simple" - the caterpillar cake link. You have a great blog. The vacuum cleaner post makes me laugh because I once found several Lincoln Logs jammed inside our vacuum cleaner. I don't know how they got there.

    Also, I love your April Fool's day post. My son's 6th birthday was April Fool's day and his favorite meal is meatloaf and mashed potatoes, so I made a meatloaf cake as a prank for his party. Check it out here:


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