Friday, May 28, 2010

Hand-Me-Down REHAB Readers' Showcase (Finally)

It's well past time to get a showcase post up.  I'm actually pretty embarrassed that it's taken me so long to do this.  I've been showing off so much of my stuff, it's time to show off all the great stuff you all have been doing and were kind enough to link up.  I guess I put these posts off because it can take a while downloading the pics, uploading them again, and then making all the links.  I always love it when other bloggers feature my ideas, though, so I want to return the favor.  Anyway...sorry guys...thanks for sticking with me!  If I've featured your link, feel free to grab a featured on button from the sidebar.

As anyone knows who's been on this blog lately...I love applique.  I also love these linen pants on Kojo Designs and how the trim matching the shirt applique really brings the outfit together.

Of course I had to show you this cute knit skirt made from a T-shirt on Monkey Sew, Monkey Do.  I love reusing the hem like that.  It saves so much work!
And this toddler shirt transformation on Handmade Beginnings is so amazing, I never would have realized the dress came from a shirt.
One of the best things about doing your own sewing is making matching stuff for your kids.  I love these brother and sister matching vests from Sweet Limes.
Another way to refashion old pants is to make one of there cute ruffle skirts from Surviving a Family of Nine.
And if your princess wants a matching purse, these jeans and bead purses from my good friend Maria on Busy as a Bee in Paris are adorable.  Firecracker would LOVE one...and we even have the perfect pants for it. :)
Making some T-shirt dresses is high on my project list and Little Lizard King has some cute ones to check out.
And as long as you're cutting up T-shirts, you can use some of those sleeves to make pockets for your exercise pants with Notes from a Very Red Kitchen.  (Why don't exercise pants ever come with pockets?!?)
I really should try some refashioning for myself.  I guess I'm always scared I'll overdo it or something.  These ladies have found the right balance, though, with some really cute dressed up tops.  Here's a cute Peasant Top at Mama Lusco's...
While you're doing a little sewing for yourself, you could whip up one of these scarves from Until Wednesday Calls or give one away as a gift.
If you're looking to turn some old jeans into toys, you have to check out the denim robots on Super Stinky Boys.
Or if you're wanting something for one of the more grown-up rooms in your house, you might want to make one of these ruffle pillows from Floral Showers.
And because I'm still on a Hand-Me-Down REHAB kick myself, I thought it was time for another linky party.  I've left this one open for a month and will repost it periodically to remind people to link up.  Feel free to link up any of your own Hand-Me-Down REHAB projects or other fun projects to.  Please grab a button from the sidebar and post it somewhere in your post or on your blog.

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