Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fathers' Day Key Chain Card

Sorry for the lack of posts (and poor picture quality this post.  We had internet problems all weekend, and now that it's back up, I'm way behind on scoring SAT essays, so I haven't had much craft or blog time.  I did want to share this idea quickly though, in case anyone wants to use it for Fathers' Day.

I wanted to do something fun for my Primary Class for Father's Day.  Of course, I've got those key chains on the brain, but wanted something the kids themselves could personalize for their dads.  Then I came up with the idea for these cards.  I'll make key chains ahead of time.  I'll also have the shapes traced for them ahead of time, and they'll make the cards.  I know some of you out there are making your own washer keychains, so I thought I would share.

I helped Firecracker and her friend make cards today, so I could take pictures for examples.  I helped them more than I'll help the 9-year-olds in my primary class.  The printable is at the bottom of the post.
The front says, "Daddy, You hold the key..."

And the inside says, " my heart." Then I slit the key, so I could put the keychain on it and used a little tape to help the glue stick hold the weight of the key chain.

For more info about how to make the keychains, you can check my post here.

The key shape came from here.  The heart shape is from here at a size of 125%.  Here's the printable for the traceable shapes in the size I made them.
Keychain Card


  1. I LOVE the key & card...

    Here is the envelope my kiddos will be putting their keychains in...

    Thanks for the washers!

  2. Very sweet. The dads of your Primary children will be thrilled!


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