Friday, June 11, 2010

Goodbye Subbing, Back to Stay-at-Home Mom

Yep, today was my last day subbing.  I might sub now and then for particular teachers (like for Hubby or Firrecracker's kindergarten teacher...or...probably no one else.), but by and large I am done.  Yeah!  YEAH!!  Double YEAH!

Most of the time when I was teaching full-time before the kiddos I liked teaching.  Some of the time I loved teaching, and on a few bad days (but not many) I hated it.

I have never loved subbing.  Occassionally I've liked it.  Most days I've endured it, and some days I've hated it.  Between Hubby and I we've subbed just about every subject and grade from kindergarten through high school.  The only subject we can think of that we haven't subbed is Horticulture.  (Yep, home ec, shop, special ed, science, math, English, Spanish, you name it.)  And now I'm DONE!!! 

I've been greatful for my teaching degree and experience many times, and it has come in handy the last few months to help ends meet between Hubby's graduation and his upcoming full-time employment as a chemistry/physics/science teacher...but I'm so happy to go back to being a full-time stay-at-home mom!!  (Of course I really can't complain too much since Hubby has gotten a lot of sub calls lately so I could stay home.

I'll get to spend more time with these three goofballs and their Daddy. 
Any guesses how our 3-kid photo shoot went yesterday?  We'll be trying a few more tomorrow morning.

Then as I was driving home with the radio playing and feeling so happy to be done, I pulled over for a garage sale and found this.
It was $15.  Don't mind that pasta on the floor.  I promise it's felt, not real noodles.  It's days are numbered as a nightstand though.  I'm hoping sometime in the not so distant future, it will become something like these.  I've already got the bowl thing for the sink and a real faucet.  I've been wanting to make one for the kids for ages.  It almost seems too nice to use...but it's not's particle board.  It's the perfect height to match the little pink cabinet my Grandpa made for us when we were girls.


  1. Hooray for a sink cabinet! Hooray for being at home full time! Hooray for enduring through a tough 6 months! Good for you, Polly.

  2. I've been working outside of the home for the past few months during my hubby's unemployment and the whole time I just wanted to be home with my little one, so I could relate to this post. Good news is that hubby is now employed full-time so I get to be a full-time SAHM again. Yay!

    Thanks also for the awesome links to the play kitchen tutorial. I started reading it and couldn't stop because it was so nice to have the details all spelled out. A play kitchen is the perfect compliment to all of the felt food. Happy constructing!


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