Monday, July 19, 2010

Butterfly Applique

Remember these capris I made for Firecracker? 
I found the same print, but in pink at Goodwill.  I couldn't say no.
I love prints for kids' clothes, especially if they have busy patterns and bold colors because those patterns cover up any dirt or stains that don't quite come out in the wash.  This pattern is awesome for kids' pants.  And of course, once I made the capris, I had to make a shirt to match.
I've been wanting to do a butterfly for a while, so I went searching for butterfly clipart.  I found this site with a ton of butterflies to choose from.  I settled on this one, magnified it to 200% in my web browser using this method, and then simplified it quite a bit to get my design.  I think the little flight trail that I made with a running stitch and embroidery thread was a nice finishing touch.
This applique is just a little different from other ones I've done because I cut the Heat'n Bond for the accents out of the butterfly shape, so the Heat'n Bond for the butterfly wings looked like this.  The butterfly was such a large shape that I was worried it would make the T-shirt too stiff.  By not having solid Heat'n Bond over the whole back, it makes it more flexible, but still has the Heat'n Bond where you need it on the edges.
For more detailed directions about how to do appliques like this, you can see my tutorial here.

Click here for the free printable butterfly applique pattern.


  1. I love her new outfit, it's so cute! She looks very good in pink :)

  2. Your appliques are so cute! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  3. I do love your running stitch trail, it makes the whole thing perfect.

  4. Love this Butterfly applique, thank you for taking the time to do this.


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