Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Boy Neck Ties: Hand-Me-Down REHAB

We were gone for about a week for a family reunion.  I thougtht I might post while I was away, but I was just enjoying vacation and family too much!

But now I'm back and will get back to posting. :)

Ages ago when I first stared this blog, I did a tutorial for making little boy neckties out of a regular necktie and elastic (no sewing machine required!) .  I never got around to making one for Boy, but since my sister got married a last month, I figured he needed a real tie to wear to the wedding since he'd outgrown his old one.

Doesn't he look sharp?
A tie so cool he even looks handsome playing in the dirt.
And it's comfortable enough, he doesn't even know it's there most of the time...and if he does notice it, he can't take it off...a big advantage over clip-ons.
The ties were 50 cents a piece at the thrift store or you could use one that Dad doesn't wear anymore. 

You can find my tutorial for the ties here or if you like his church pants that you can make from a pair of garage sale pants without a pattern, click here.

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  1. What a handsome fella. Wish I'd thought of this when David was little!


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