Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Quite a Success...

Lest you think that every project I try comes out wonderful...I thought I'd share this little frock with you.

I found a purple and white striped 1XL size knit shirt on half price at Goodwill.  Sweet Pea already has a little dress (as you can see in the pic) made from very similar fabric in a slightly different shade that someone gave her, so I thought it would be fun to make a matching one for Firecracker.  My first try with shirring on Firecrackers cover-up was a success, so I wanted to try shirring again. 

This was the result. (Notice I didn't put my website on this picture, so if this shows up elsewhere on the web, no one can trace it back here.) looks funny...and it looks funny when she's wearing it too...and not just because Firecracker inherited an innate desire to make silly faces for the camera.
My main problem was trying to reuse too much of the original structure of the shirt...namely the collar...instead of just following some of the directions on many of the blogs out there.  I trashed the collar along the way, but it was too late to save the dress. 

Stay tuned for a second try...I think I may turn this into a shirred skirt instead...and if that fails, I can always make some more shorts.

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  1. What doesn't work can sometimes be even more instructive than the successes. Thanks for sharing...or shirring! Good luck with future iterations of the striped purple shirt. :)


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