Monday, August 30, 2010

I've got another Archive Highlight for you from Ms Muffin of Muffins and More!  I'm always so impressed with people who don't have a lot of background in sewing, but are brave enough to just jump right in and teach themselves.  I can't believe this was her first sewing project!  It turned out so awesome!  You'll love her blog.


My name is Ms Muffin and my blog is called Muffins and more. I do love making muffins - but on my blog you will find alot more. You're welcome to come over and check it out!
I love creating things and that is what I write about. I love to sew, crochet, knit, craft, do kids' projects, bake, decorate ... I just wish I would have more time to try all the things that make my fingers tickle! :-)

I started my blog actually as a collection of all my crafty adventures. I am a bit chaotic and always start many projects at the same time which regularly ended up being confusing. So I figured if I document my projects on a blog that might help. It did. But not just did it help me to at least get a bit of order into my crafting. I also stepped into a great world of creativity and sharing and supportiveness - I had no idea that something like this exists! I have met so many great people through their blogs, I got so much great inspiration and I even have made friends! So blogging naturally is much more to me today than just documenting my crafts - it's about that great creative community out there that I love to be part of.
It is so much fun with you guys!

When Polly asked me whether I wanted to participate in Archive Appreciation month I was totally thrilled! It was really hard though to pick a post that I would like to be highlighted. I finally decided on a post I wrote about the first dress I ever sewed. Well, the first thing I sewed at all to be completely honest. I did not choose a pen roll or a small pouch or something like that as my first project - no, I chose a dress for my daughter that I had seen and fallen in love with.

In the post you can see more photos of the finished dress but I also talk about a couple things I learned from sewing that first piece. I actually still learn ALOT everytime I sew something. Maybe that is encouraging to other sewing beginners - everytime you sew you practise and/ or learn something. Even if you make mistakes.
So even if it might be furstrating sometimes - KEEP ON SEWING!

And if you guys have tips for me or other beginning sewers it would be great to hear them! :-)

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