Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We're Alive and VERY Well

Hi All,  Thanks for all the kind comments you all have left.  Our move went great!  We got lots of help loading and unloading our truck.  We love our house...especially the dishwasher, garage, and 3rd bedroom.  We LOVE our new town!  The neighbors and everyone have been AWESOME!   We've got a lot of stuff unpacked, and I've even been starting a few projects.


I haven't been blogging.  This is my first time on the internet since we moved.  The power cord to our modem went missing in the move, and we're still waiting for the new one to arrive...soon...hopefully.  Truthfully, it's probably been good for getting the house unpacked that I haven't been on the computer at all.  Don't give up on me, though.  I'll be back up soon!


  1. Yay for a dishwasher, a garage, and an extra bedroom! Can't wait to come see you in the new house soon!

  2. All sounds very good and an answer to prayer

  3. I'm glad that everything is going so well for you!!!


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