Friday, September 17, 2010

When I grow up...

...I'd like to be like these ladies...

As I've been gearing up to do more meaningful "preschool" activities with Boy, I've been going back and getting ideas from two of my very favorite blogs.

Christianne at Little Page Turners posts about a kids' book, each with a related treat, activity, or craft.  Since our branch of the local library is SO tiny it's nice to have a place with so many ideas of books to reserve through the library system (which is awesome).  My hold list is so long right now, I've exhaused my allotted 25 holds and have another 17 on my "list" waiting to be put on hold.

I also love reading Gail's posts at That Artist Woman.  She's an art teacher and has a lot of amazing ideas for kid-friendly art projects, some seasonal and some not.  I have a thing with kids' projects...while I appreciate all the things my kids make at each level of development, I dread the accumulation of art projects that they rush through then just pile up, looking pretty much the same as the last 20 that they made.  (You know the drawings they can crank out in 2 minutes and then HAVE to save every single one because "that's my favorite!")  The ideas Gail has on her blog turn out great, have enough structure to them that even kids as young as mine can create something extra special and meaningful and that I want to keep around the house for a long time.

There are a lot of blogs I love to read...and maybe these two are my favorite because they're different from the typical crafty blog...but if you haven't checked them out, they're worth peeking around.

...and I'm excited to show you the new project I made for Boy on Monday...


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Polly! Maybe one day we'll actually meet in person. :)

  2. Every year I buy a 18"x12" paper art portfolio for Rebecca, for about $5, and all her artwork for the year goes in. They've gotten pretty balloony, but so far I've managed to fit everything in. I haven't decided whether they become her problem when she's 18, or if I will save them all in a crate for her until she turns 64...

  3. thanks for the tips Polly. one website I love right now is: then click on an-activity-a-day she has 3 different calenders with ideas on them. Today we made a puzzle from a cereal box, rolled a die and clapped or jumped to the corresponding number and went on an abc hunt around the house.


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