Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Search for Pink Cars is Over...

...thanks to Grandma Kathy!

Some of you may remember the color matching parking lots I made for Little Brother a couple weeks ago.  In my zeal to include all the basic colors recognizable to a 3-year-old, I foolishly included not one, but TWO pink parking spaces...and we didn't own any pink cars.
The pink polka dotted Jaguar is my personal favorite, although Little Brother's love seems to show no bounds, so I can't discern a favorite from him.
Grandma Kathy and her ingenuity came up with the perfect solution...paint some cars pink!  But of course in a manly accented kind of way. 

And of course Little Brother got right to work parking them as soon as we brought them home from the post office.
This could also be a good solution for you, if you want to make a parking lot/cars set for a Christmas or other gift, and can't find a set of cars in the exactly the same color distribution you want...just paint them the color you want.

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  1. I just used pink fingernail polish. Used a toothpick to make the polka dots. Easy peasy. Glad he's enjoying them. :)


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