Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And so it begins...

I've started on Christmas presents.  I actually started last week because...believe it or not, my "blog life" is usually a couple days to a week behind my "real life."  The real shame about craft blogging and Christmas presents is that you're super excited about the presents you're making for people because the idea is SO brilliant and perfect for your loved one...but YOU CAN'T SHOW ANYONE...yet.

So I made awesome progress on a project, using some of this sweet thread.  In fact, I emptied the spool of thread on this project and just have a little pink left on the bobbin...all the while listening to Christmas music.

Don't worry, though.  Even though I won't be able to post about most of the gifts, I've got a few projects from last Christmas I never blogged about, as well as some from even farther back before I had a blog at all.  I'm also hoping get some archiving done, so I can share some "Best of..." posts with you to help you find some of the better stuff in my archives to give you some ideas of things to make for this holiday season. 

And I might sneak on a few pictures of stuff I'm making for my own kids, we'll see.

Anyone else started their Christmas crafting yet?  What are you all working on?


  1. I've started a few small projects, and hope to work on more this weekend. I think I can guess what you were working on!

  2. yes, and it's the same problem here.

  3. I've started as well. I made two peg doll family yesterday night (mine and a friend's), a stocking and felt woodland themed ornaments so far. I plan on doing a jointed waldorf style doll, a hobby horse and some fabric teethers. Better start early than rush!

  4. I'm in the process of making LOTS of Christmas presents. The best part? No one in my family really knows I even have a craft blog (I have 4 brothers, they really could care less, and my father is petrified of the internet, yeah, he has issues!) so I get to put up a lot of the presents. And the ones for my husband's family (who would read the blog if they could figure out how to get there, yeah, my whole family is weird) came out and asked me to make them certain things, so I get to use them too.

  5. I'm working on gifts for my girls. They're young enough that they don't follow my blog, so I can post the finished projects. :)

    I've made some wool felt gnomes ala Wee Folk Art and one book for my toddler using Graphics Fairy graphics.

    I'm wishing I had started this summer. Every year I tell myself I'll start earlier the next year and every year the earliest I get going is October. :(

  6. I started working on Christmas presents this summer! For all my knitting friends I sewed up some reversible project bags *super cute*, in the project bags i'm going to put felted soap, and beaded stitch markers. for the kiddos i've made onthe go craft bags (pencil slots, hidden pocket for treasures, and a big area for books, toys)
    Still working on presents for the parents... gotta get busy only 44 more days!

  7. I'm right there with you -- I'm working on gifts right now and dying to show them off but can't so won't spoil the surprise for my recipients and my own kids!!!
    I'm also behind on my real life/blog life time warp since my blog usually runs a few weeks ahead of me.. Love that pink thread -- the same color (and lavendar) is on my singer right now -- LOL! : )

    I love that you're listening to Christmas music while you work -- great idea!!

  8. Yes. i've started on working in christmas presents too! The budget is limited so I have to start early and be able to make choices witch are afordable. So far I did 3 gifts:


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