Monday, November 29, 2010

Goodbye, Old Computer

Our computer is dying.  It's been pretty slow for a while, but now it will not boot up all the way.  It gets super close to finishing the boot-up and looks like it's done, but it's forever "thinking" and will not let you open any programs.  Fortunately, we think the hard drives are probably okay...and our pics and stuff are likely intact just waiting to be downloaded somewhere else.  I've been wishing for a new computer for a while, but have been making due with the one we had...but now we'll be getting a new one.  Until then my computer time will be limited to our laptop which is even more painfully slow than our while I'm very "behind" on posting things and there is a lot I would like to show you, I probably won't be posting much for a week or so.  Probably all for the better, so I can get more done on all the Christmas projects I would like to get done.

1 comment:

  1. Bittersweet news - thank goodness the old computer stayed alive while Hubby finished college! You will enjoy being "up to speed" again.


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