Monday, January 31, 2011

Are You a Geek with Taste?

...or even a non-geek with taste can appreciate this post.

I've mentioned several times that I LOVE where we live.  To a lot of people, it's in the middle of no where, but to the people who live here and love it here, it's in the middle of somewhere...just somewhere most people have never heard of.  We paid our dues for a long time in grad school, living in expensive, but tiny student apartments, so that we could eventually get to this place in our lives.

There are times, though, that I miss living in university student housing, because we had so many friends there who understood our geeky quirks, because they shared them.  As I've occassionally blogged out my geekier side (like in these posts), I've been surprised at how many of you have an inner math or science geek in you too. 

So when Maile, one of our old UC Berkeley friends opened up shop recently, I knew some of you would be interested. 


As Maile puts it, she "designs smart-and-beautiful accessories for women in science & technology...Stuff for geeks with taste."  

And she does have good taste!  She's got some Binary Love that would be great for a Valentine's Day gift.

But I can't decide if my favorite is this Pi to 35 Decimals Necklace (which would be great for wearing on Pi-Day...coming up March 14th)

...or this beautiful Fibonacci Pendant.  (Even if you're not into math, you can appreciate the beauty in this one.)

For those with more of a biological sciences background, you'll want to check out her Neuron Pendant too, which is also beautiful in it's own right.

Maile has some other gorgeous pieces in her shop too.  You'll definitely want to take a look around Boutique Academia and check back often as Maile add new items.

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