Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monster Mess!

The house was a general disaster and needed to be cleaned up.  We pulled Monster Mess! by Margery Cuyler of the shelf which we'd checked out from the library.  It's about a weird looking, but friendly monster who cleans up his boy's room while he's sleeping. 

I told Little Brother and Sweet Pea we were going to be Monsters and clean up their rooms.   Inspired by the kindergarteners the day before when we took Firecracker's class their monster cupcakes, we slapped some google eyes on our foreheads and went to work. 

They were also working with the promise of a left-over monster cupcake as a treat when they finished.  I can't say they were totally dedicated to the cause, but when their rooms are that big a mess, they're a bit limited in how much help they can actually be.  They did do a nice job when they weren't helping of playing together, so I was free to clean. 

Still, the lesson must have sunk in some.  The next day Little Brother took off his shoes and socks and said, "I'm being a monster!" as he picked his socks up and took them to the dirty clothes.

And after just a little tidying up...this is still what it looked like at nap time the next day...

And those monster cupcakes really aren't hard to put together, especially if you're just making a couple and not 2 dozen for a kindergarten class.  They'd make a great reward for cooperation cleaning up a "monster mess."


  1. Super, super awesome. Especially that it worked again the next day! What a smart kid. :) (And what a smart you!)

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Way better than a job chart! So much fun. Thanks for posting the darling photos.

  3. This is so cute, it looks like they had so much fun with every aspect of this project! Thank you so much for sharing and linking up to stART :0)

  4. I absolutely love this! This book is big hit in our home.

    The pictures of your little ones with their monster eyes eating their adorable cupcakes are priceless!

    Glad the book helped too:-).

  5. Wow - those cupcakes look so yummy. The pictures of kiddos with their google eyes are too funny.


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