Wednesday, January 19, 2011

V-Neck T-shirt Resize

I wrote up this tutorial last summer and it's sat unpublished as a draft until now.  I think maybe I was waiting for a better picture?  Anyway, I thought it was time to publish it.  Maybe if you're tired of winter weather, this will inspire you to make something summery.
I found an adult size small shirt that matched the capris I made for Firecracker really well...but of course Firecracker wears size 5 in kids...not adult size.  The ways that I resized the other shirts wasn't going to work since this one was a V-neck and the neckline HAD to be altered.

So I started with the pattern I made for the T-shirt dress (click here for the printable pattern) and used it as a guide.  I lined it up, so the shoulders were where I wanted them to be relative to the front of the neck and cut.
This meant I could reuse the finished edge on the front of the neck, but not the back.  Bummer.  I decided to remove the original binding from the back of the shirt and was left with these pieces.  I also saved the sleeves that are not shown in the picture.
Then carefully pinned the original binding for the back of the neck, onto the new neckline I cut.  Then I sewed it with a regular straight stitch.

Next pin the shoulders together...
...and sew.  This seam could be done using a regular straight stitch, but I used this stitch with a zag in it ever so often to give it a little more stretch.
It turned out that the original sleeve fit the armhole I'd cut perfectly, so I didn't resize the sleeve. 
I did cut off the serged seam first though...sorry no pics of pinning the sleeve in, but you can refer to the pictures and directions for the T-shirt dress here.
(I do have an excuse for not taking the sleeve pictures...I got distracted cleaning up these little helping hands.)

And this is what the finished product looked like.  Perfect for comfortable summer afternoons.

Or riding a bike.

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