Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Odds & Ends & a Sale Alert!

My friend Sarah always seems to find out about the best deals...like this clearance sale at Simplicity on their trims.  They've got ribbon by the spoon and a bunch of other things for 50 cents each...a lot of their stuff is 75% off.  This is the kind of stuff I usually leave off projects because they're so expensive...so I stocked up...maybe a little too much.

 It's too bad they won't arrive until after Firecracker's Princess Birthday Party, but I've got some plans to make some doll clothes for Sweet Pea's...maybe like these my sister made or these that Dana's mother-in-law made.  Firecracker also wants some Barbie clothes.  I just might get into making a few more puppets.  And I really stocked up on their lacing string to make some of these.  (I especially love that these lace-up beauties have such modest clothes.)

I'm hoping to have more posts with gift ideas up soon...but I'm off to the store to buy eggs to make some monster cupcakes for Firecracker's class for her birthday.  Hopefully there will be pics later. :)

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  1. Oh man. Maybe you shouldn't have told me. I may have stocked up a little bit too much too. But how are you supposed to resist piping for 50 cents?! :)


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